Coming out of the shell: Youngsters enjoy treats at Spencer Easter “Eggstravaganza”

Published 1:00 am Tuesday, March 24, 2015

By Wayne Hinshaw

For the Salisbury Post

Three, two, one…GO!

The Spencer Jaycees’ Easter Egg hunt is off and running.  A couple hundred kids up to age 12 are on the move at the 8th Street Ball Park.

The kids ran through the little league ball park outfield carrying colorful plastic buckets, baskets and grocery bags in pursuit of a thousand purple, yellow, blue, pink, green and orange plastic eggs that litter the grassy field. The kids run and moms and dads chase behind, shouting, “Get that one. Here’s one. Don’t stop to open the eggs, Gather more.”

Some of the little kids have containers that could easily hold 4-5 dozen eggs. There must have been high expectations for the egg gathering.

Sophia Monte, 4, has on a beautiful flowing Easter dress for the hunt. Noah Welch has on his cool red sunglasses. Everyone came dressed for a day of fun in the warm sunshine.

Some of the eggs have candy stuffed inside and others contain special prizes. The kids know the routine. As soon as the hunt ended, everyone took a seat in the grass to open the eggs and collect the goodies. The candy that was stuffed in the eggs was soon stuffed into mouths.

Finley Moore’s cheeks are puffed up like a basketball, but not from candy.He forces his breath into a red bouncy balloon prize that he received.  He is puffing so hard his eyes must surely be crossed, but then his eyes are closed so who knows.

It’s time for the sack races. Ayna Kirk, 10, hopping inside a white sack, would make any rabbit envious of her bounces. She covers 4-5 feet with each hop while keeping her candy sucker in her mouth. Her hair flies in the sunlight as she hops to a victory. No sweat here. An easy sack race win.

In the “egg in a spoon race,” five-year-old Precious Greens offers advice to the other contestants.  “Don’t run or you will drop your egg, but walk very fast.”

She was a winner also. She followed her own advice.

Did I mention the Easter Bunny is here? A six-foot-tall bunny walked the grounds, receiving hugs from children. Some of the smallest kids took refuge hiding behind their mommy’s legs, keeping a good distance from the tall bunny.

It was a good day for an “eggstravaganza.” Is that a word?