Quotes of the week

Published 7:09 am Friday, March 13, 2015

“What would you do with something as big as the Pentagon?”

— Darrell Hinnant,

Kannapolis mayor,

on the demolition of Pillowtex plant to make room for
the N.C. Research Campus

“I finally had a piece
of my dad.”

— Frances Morgan Morris,

on her father’s remains being found after his plane went down over Laos 49 years ago

“I’m lost. I don’t want to go home. His toys are there. His bed beside my bed is there.”

— Andy Eury, veteran,

on the hit-and-run death of his service dog, Briggs

“It could’ve been better, could’ve been worse. That’s about the best you can say.”

— Wayne Bradshaw,

owner, Bebop’s Cruise-In,

on having to move his business to make room for a rail line

“Look around you. There are hundreds of people that have dogs, and nowhere to take them that’s safe.”

— Dottie Rebhan,

Humane Society


on the need for a dog park