Letters to the editor — Sunday (3-8-15)

Published 12:30 am Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hillary sticking
to the Clinton way

“What difference does it make?”

Those are the words our former first lady and secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, chose to use during her testimony to Congress on the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. It seems those same words may be used again as Mrs. Clinton answers the question, “Why did you choose to use your personal email for official government business during your term as secretary of state?”

Hillary is working with her team to decide which emails should be classified as “official business.” Can we trust Hillary to be honest with us about her emails?

If past history is used as a basis for trust, we can’t trust her. Remember, she said she was being shot at by snipers in Bosnia as she got off her plane. She admitted later that there were no snipers. Just another lie or another case of “what difference does it make?”

We might also want to ask her, “Why did you accept monetary donations to the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments when you may choose to run for the president of the United States? Again, what difference does it make?

Unfortunately, the Clintons have not been held accountable for past actions and lies, so they continue to do as they please and lie to Americans.

Excuses are getting old. Our nation deserves better than this. We are fortunate to live in the greatest nation in the world. Unfortunately, we are struggling to find leadership that is capable of leading this great nation.

Put some thought into your choices for leadership of this country. Vote for the person, not the party. Democrat or Republican, let’s make sure we get it right in the next election. Our children and grandchildren are the ones who will suffer if we don’t get our act together soon.

— Col Grey Medinger


Long wait in ER

On Feb. 25, before the snow fell, I had to take my sister to Rowan Medical Hospital due to stomach and chest pains.

As we arrived at the hospital around 6 p.m., we saw two waiting rooms full. As we sat in the waiting room, I and my sister overheard that people had been in the waiting for hours.

As time passed, they finally took my sister back for an X-ray and sent her back to the waiting room. I noticed that no one was in any of the rooms in the beds that the hospital has. Why?

Not to mention, my sister and I walked out at 4 in the morning after we were at the hospital for about 10 hours.

If Novant Health is helping Rowan County by cutting back, then I must say that they are doing a good job. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. Patients in the need of help would’ve been dead by the time doctors and nurses arrive at work doing the job that they need to do. For my own safety I am going to buy stock, and I will have millions in the next year.

— Susan Bradford


Obama not at fault

The writer is responding to Stephen Owen’s March 1 letter, “Obama is the problem.”

I, too, have known 12 presidents. I am not a politician, nor do I keep up with politics on a daily basis. But of all the presidents you know, how many have been disrespected, called names and anything else that can be done to a top official?

The only reason President Obama is treated this way is because he is black, has a mind of his own and has the brains to think for himself.

If those who are supposed to work under and with him would cooperate with him, maybe there would not be so many problems. He does not have to go along with everything someone else tells him to do.

Since he has been in office, the Republicans have a better idea about everything he wants to do. (They never say or do what it is.) Had they told President Bush a few things when he was in charge, maybe the country would be perfect. They need to work with the president and themselves.

There are some white and black people who do not want a black man telling them what to do.

Bottom line: President Obama is a well-educated man who is in charge, and no one wants to agree with him. He is a man who thinks things through before jumping the gun.

Before he leaves office, the Republicans will tell him a new way to use the bathroom.

— Barbara M. Sifford