JC Price officials: Rumors aren’t true, Legion Post remains open

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 6, 2015

Officials with the J.C. Price American Legion Post say a rumor has circulated for six months that the post had been sold and was closing, and they want to set the record straight.

Initially the folks at the J.C. Price post thought it was a joke and did what they could to set the record straight. But Post Commander Ollie Mae Carroll and Adjutant Abe Daniels say they’ve seen their numbers for activities dwindle in recent months.

The two said the post has not been sold and is not closing, nor do they have plans to close.

Daniels said he believes the rumor began when post officials were in talks with the developers who are currently rebuilding the Civic Park Apartments to purchase an unused parcel of land for parking lot space.

He said the offer was made, and the groups went back and forth over a price until the developers returned to say they did not need the additional space as they’d once thought.

Since that time, Daniels said, people asked him when the post would be closing. Someone else told Daniels he had heard the post had already been sold.

“It’s not being sold and not being torn down,” he said.

Carroll said she believes the rumors began after the post was offered a building trade so that a clinic and pre-school could be opened at the Old Wilkesboro Road location. The post was offered the site of the former Copperhead Tavern at Jake Alexander Boulevard and Industrial Avenue.

Carroll said the offer was merely an informal inquiry and was not being considered by post members. The members don’t want to relocate, she said, and the “offer” was more of a “what if” a space became available.

She said the members feel the building and site located in the West End are historic, and they don’t have plans to move.

Carroll and Daniels say they’ve had to refute rumors for some time now. Monthly activities that used to draw crowds have decreased.

The post used to have an event every Sunday and had to decrease to one Sunday a month. The post also moved the Sunday event to Friday and Saturday night fundraisers.

Daniels said the J.C. Price Post is still having its regular weekend fundraisers, complete with food, drinks and music. He believes what’s added to the notion the post is closed is the fact that most passersby can’t see vehicles parked at the post.

He said events have been held in the downstairs and everyone parks in the back of the building, which can’t be seen from the road.

They’ve also seen a decrease in rentals.

The post has a number of events upcoming, including the J.C. Price Post birthday later this month, an Easter egg hunt and the Memorial Day weekend carnival.

Anyone who wants more information about the J.C. Price Legion Post can contact Ollie Mae Carroll at 704-636-2950 or Abe Daniels at 704-640-1893.