Student spotlight: Kemmie Mauney

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 5, 2015

Kemuel “Kemmie” Mauney is an eighth-grader at West Rowan Middle School.

Age: 14

Family: Mom, Dawn; dad, Teon; sister, Gabrielle; brothers, Teoz and Asriel; and niece, Zahara

Favorite restaurant: Red Lobster

Favorite color: Yellow

Favorite class: Math

Favorite TV show: “Cupcake Wars” and “Face Off”

Favorite book: “Run Away Twin”

Favorite movies: “Matilda,” “A Walk to Remember” and “Princess Diaries”

Favorite sport or team: Softball, volleyball and track

Hobbies: Drawing, dancing, softball, volleyball and track

Dream vacation: Salt Lake City, Utah

Prized possession: My life and my family

Actor who would star in the movie of my life: Channing Tatum

Motto: “All you can do is be you”

Three words that describe me: Creative, “real” and blessed

Someone who inspires you: People who know where they’re going in life

Greatest accomplishment: I’m going to New York because of my good grades

Career goal: To become an accountant and a great artist