Letters to the editor — Sunday (3-1-15)

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 1, 2015

Senseless vote on Homeland Security

On Friday, we had an example of just how stupid the tea party Republicans are. They voted against funding Homeland Security because there was no specific rejection of President Obama’s amnesty order, which is already on hold because of a court ruling in Texas.

The 52 tea party members in the House voted against a three-week funding bill that would have to be worked out with the Senate funding bill before it can be presented to the president for signing.

Once again the Republican Party is showing that it is incapable of governing this country. May God have mercy on us as terrorists run rampant in this country.

— Julian Torrey


Obama is the problem

President Truman was in office when I was born. I have therefore known 12 presidents. Barack Obama is by far the worst president I have ever known. He despises the people who disagree with him, he does not learn from his mistakes, he usurps the authority given to Congress in the Constitution, he treats American allies such as the United Kingdom and Israel with contempt, and he seeks to make a deal with a sworn enemy, Iran, that will endanger not only the Middle East but America as well.

He has done little to stop the spread of terrorism; in fact, he unilaterally declared the war on terrorism to be over (ISIS didn’t get the memo).

Lastly, I firmly believe that he has no intention of stepping down in 2017, and is quietly preparing to assume dictatorial power. It is so sad that we have a Congress more interested in being liked, afraid of being called “racist,” than they are interested in protecting the country from his machinations.

— Stephen Owen


Angels indeed

I am writing to speak about the Glenn A. Kiser Hospice House. The staff was so kind and supportive to my former mother-in-law, Dorothy M. Gudger. The angels that work in that beautiful house are some of the finest women I have ever met. They sat with her, laughed with her and treated her like a friend and/or family member. My family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.

— Judy Rochelle


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