Letters to the editor — Saturday (2-28-15)

Published 4:12 pm Saturday, February 28, 2015

In praise of DOT

I would like to thank the DOT on the excellent job they did on clearing the roads after the snow storm, even in my subdivision. It was also done quickly to make it safe for those who had to travel.

— Ernest Cowan


Thanks to Scouts, fewer will go hungry

Rowan County’s smallest community servants canvassed neighborhoods for two weekends recently, collecting food for their neighbors in need. Accompanied by parents and troop leaders, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts collected a record 21,517 pounds of food for the annual Scouting for Food event.

We are hugely indebted to these small warriors and their adult companions for devoting two weekends to the tiring task of carrying bags of food from doorsteps to vehicles trailing behind them. They worked hard and did so cheerfully, using the walk to talk about the importance of helping others.

When they were finished, they had filled two trailers with enough food to serve clients at Rowan Helping Ministries for three weeks. This is our first year to receive food from this event directly and it comes at an opportune time. Our food donations are lowest between Christmas and the annual Postal Food Drive in May, so we are very grateful for the Boy Scouts’ donation.

In addition to the Rowan County Boy Scouts, we want to thank Food Lion, which partnered with the Scouts and donated 5,000 pounds of food to their cause. We also acknowledge the important work of Eagle Scout candidate Colton Opel, who contributed 4,343 pounds of food to the event total.

We believe that everyone can have a role in the fight against hunger and poverty in our community. Scouting for Food brought together a large corporation, our smallest volunteers and citizens willing to donate food from their cupboards. Because of their efforts, those we serve won’t have to go hungry. And knowing that others care gives those in need hope for a better tomorrow. Thank you to everyone involved in this remarkable event.

The next large food collection event will be the annual Postal Food Drive on May 9. Please watch for details.

— Kyna S. Grubb and Nate Valentine


Grubb is executive director of Rowan Helping Ministries. Valentine is food and clothing manager.

Blame the curse for accursed weather

We owe the people of this region an apology. When we selected William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” for our season in the Norvell Theater, we knew it supposedly had a curse attached to it. We did not intend to inflict the area to major ice and snow. There are three public performances this weekend and school shows Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and then the curse should be lifted and spring-like weather can arrive in the area. Perhaps next year, a comedy.

— Reid Leonard


Leonard is director of Piedmont Players Theater.