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Livingstone women's basketball

… Women’s basketball: Losses for Livingstone

In my opinion, what is important now is to “get it right” with all required NCAA Division 11 rules, procedures and policies …. A wake-up call!

I have traveled to three out- of-town contests and seen the remainder in Trent gymnasium. I witnessed firsthand how committed and dedicated the team and coaches were to create a winning season.

Turn this shocking and unfortunate action into a reevaluation of the relationship with the NCAA and ensure that adequate controls are in place to ensure that no violation of any rule never occurs again!

— Quentin Woodward Jr.

To the Livingstone College Family and Lady Blue Bears, this seems like a very dark moment in your lives; however, please know that you are still winners, and keep your heads up. You are still the Tenacious Lady Blue Bears. Great job, Coach Howard. You have made an awesome statement for your very first season at Livingstone College, and for that, we are grateful.

— Willie Taylor

Whatever this is about, my cousin, the head coach, did not participate in such matters. I hope this is resolved and overturned soon so they can get back to winning.

— Eula White

These are not common mistakes.

I feel bad for all the players and parents who put their trust in the program.

— Bernell Hooker

Give them the wins back and let the young lady play. I feel that someone dropped the ball, and it wasn’t this young lady

— Jesse Watson

Thank you for your support of my daughter!

— Dana Crosby

Terrible; I feel bad for the team and the school; even people who have made error; no one wins here!!!

— Ronald Brackett

Kyra Crosby (5), the Lady Blue Bears’ leading scorer, has been ruled uncertified. The team had to forfeit 18 games as a result. She is appealing the CIAA’s ruling.

Kyra Crosby (5), the Lady Blue Bears’ leading scorer, has been ruled uncertified. The team had to forfeit 18 games as a result. She is appealing the CIAA’s ruling.

James Miles works with orthopedic patients at Joynt  Camp.

James Miles works with orthopedic patients at Joynt Camp.

… Putting the ‘joy’ in Joynt Camp

James Miles is a jewell. He is a joy to be around and has a great gift with his parients. So funny, beautiful singing voice. He is a delight to know.

— Judy and Doug Schenk

My dad, Gregory Taylor, has been gone from us since 1986, but James was his nurse and was the most uplifting person! He made an impression on my entire family and we have never forgotten. I can hear him coming in his room singing, “Someone slipped and fell, Was that someone you” from the song, “It Is No Secret What God Can Do,” right now. God bless you, James Miles, and what you do for others!

— Desi Weber-Neal

A God-gifted man. A friend forever.He help my wife, Barbara, through some tough times. Thanks, James.

— John Wilson

I am a camp survivor and it was a blast. James was a big help in coping. He was a good inspiration, as were all who worked in that unit.

— Chris Shupe

James is a hoot to work with in Joynt Camp. But he truly loves everyone that comes there. Love working with him. Novant put me with him the very first day I worked, and I have enjoyed working with him ever since.

— Myra Turnmire

My dad, Pete, really enjoyed getting to know James and the others at camp. The singing was great. Blessing to all to work there!

— Rosie Walker

I have two knee replacements and Joynt was my saving grace. All the nurses (Debbie) were amazing and James is a joy. Miss those Thursday meals. Thank you.

— Phylliss Pullen

James you are the best! Darrell Shive and you were great together when he had double knee replacement. You are truly one in a million!

— Cathy Shive

Aaron and Brenda Neely participated in civil rights sit-ins and protest marches, then later helped to integrate schools as teachers.

Aaron and Brenda Neely participated in civil rights sit-ins and protest marches, then later helped to integrate schools as teachers.

… Sit-ins, marches: ‘It doesn’t seem that long ago’

Brenda (Neely) used to be one of my favorite teachers, 7th grade history. Back then she was the only person who told students what was going on when students from South came over and blew their horns all day driving around the school. They were protesting the name change from Rebels to Raiders. Next she was one of my favorite co-worker at China Grove Jr. High. I could ask her anything about anything. Now she and Aaron are just plain some of my best friends. Proud to know you both!!

— Su Krotchko

Thanks for the sacrifice.

— Sherry Hargrave

This brings back memories, and then there were the campaigns. The Poor Peoples’ Campaign, Resurrection City, The March for Jobs around the White House, Trans-Africa’s March Against Apartheid and many more. Our struggle has been a long one and it hasn’t ended.

— Zyangquelyn Poe

The Neelys are some of the best people I know. They have been very good to me and my family. Coach Aaron Neely, aka The God Father, is no stranger to the civil rights movement. He is certainly a living legend, and a lot of fun to be around:)

— Chris Sifford

… Integrating Salisbury theaters: They took a stand — by taking a seat

It is hard to fathom a society where businesses open to the public could determine to whom they would provide their goods and services based upon race. Even more disturbing is the knowledge that it happened here, so recently.

— Jeff Morris

Thanks, Mom. Wish you were here so we could talk about how race relations today, more than 50 years later, are both better and worse.

— David Post (whose mother, the Rose Post, wrote the article)

I found the quotes by Sam Duncan that Rose highlighted to be as timely now as they were then. “ ‘I believe, he calculated, ‘that if a solution can be found for the problem, anywhere in the South, Salisbury is the place.’ And with optimistic vision, Duncan said, ‘Christianity and democracy are being furthered in Salisbury.’ ”

— Marilyn Harrison

… Mall tensions come to surface

I want to thank Edds and the other new commissioners who are holding true to the desires of the vast majority of the citizens of Rowan County who voted for them with the mall fiasco being a big part of this. I was extremely skeptical about Edds and openly feared that he would become a tool of Pierce and Sides, and I am glad to know that I was wrong. If the election were held again today, I would have no problem casting a vote for him.

— Eric Shock

After reading this article, I kind of feel like Chairman Edds and Pierce may be “blowing air up our skirts,” i.e., they manufactured a little ‘spat’ and then once the space study finally arrives there will be a consensus on the need for more space, Edds will then SIDE with Pierce and Caskey and vote to throw untold thousands down that rathole. All the while, the county-owned buildings on Innes and Mahaley stand empty.

Methinks that there may be some chicanery about to be unloaded on the citizens. The Local Government Commission may not be so naïve. We’ll have to wait and see.

At some point, Chairman Edds will have to show his true colors and take SIDES.

— John Blair

Over the past year, I have learned to pay more attention to what folks do and much less to what they say. It will be very important to Edds to get Klusman and Green to vote for this to show a unified consensus for the coming mall tax and try to remove the taint of it being the “tea party mall.”

— Todd Paris

Keep it up, Rowan County. You are making Cabarrus look good.

— Grant Eagle

You get nowhere criticizing, when common sense should prevail.

— Marion LeBleu

“Getting along” has been the nemesis in county and city government since inception. Getting along doesn’t equate with getting it right! Craig Pierce is my man, because he pulls that trigger when everyone else is still in holster.

— Chris Sifford

… Fairgrounds event center

Does this mean they are going to allow events like the Smokeout back again?

— Martha Barbee

The Smokeout has signed a long-term lease with Rockingham Raceway. Wish we could get it back but not likely.

— Randall Barger

… Okey Dokey damaged heavily in three-alarm blaze

Really proud of my brothers at SFD for making a great stop and containing the fire to just Okey Dokey. Great job, gang!

— Rick Fesperman

… Salisbury City Council hires seasoned city manager

Congratulations to Mr. Bailey. Everyone from all corners of the State seem to agree that his seasoned experience was invaluable in Lenoir. He brings the right kind of leadership at the right time for Salisbury. I wish him the very best.

— Jeff Morris

Excellent choice. Congratulations, Mr. Bailey.

— Chris Borre

As someone who can see “seasoned,” around the bend, I would prefer the use of “experienced, accomplished, professional, well-versed.” Ha ha! Congratulations, Mr. Bailey; we are looking forward to your competent leadership!

— Valeria Levy

Congratulations, Mr.Bailey. Welcome to Salisbury & all it has to offer. Wishing you success. May your light shine through!

— Mercedes Harrington



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