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Published 12:00 am Friday, February 13, 2015

… School board faces conflict over central office name

“Wallace Educational Forum” is a terribly awkward name and I’ll be disappointed if that’s the best they can come up with. Having said that, the Wallace family has made a significant contribution to the project and is very deserving of this honor.

I voted for Allen and Hunter hoping that they would exercise some discernment in choosing their battles and it seems early to be them to be giving me second thoughts.

In my view this comes down to an issue of integrity: A duly elected public board entered into a binding contract on behalf of the voters of this county. This agreement continues to be binding on the school board even though the make-up is different. So the question is: Will the school board keep its collective word or not?

— William Brown II

They’re seriously arguing over a name on a building that’s already been agreed upon in a contract? Really? They gave us several hundred thousand dollars. You better name it “The Lee and Mona Wallace center for kids who can’t read good and wanna learn to do other stuff good too” if they ask you to.

— Clay Boger

To the naysayers: This isn’t an either/or proposition. We need to build this central office so the employees of Rowan-Salisbury Schools have a decent place to work. We also need to continue investing in tools and training for our teachers so they are well-equipped to increase the scores.

… I suppose the name has to be Wallace (since they did the land swap), but make it something better than that. Wallace Education Center, maybe?

— Roy Bentley

While I’m glad this part of our school systems history is coming to an end, the building could use a better name to reflect all the citizens. To me “Wallace Educational Forum” sounds like a committee, not a building. Since they are leaving East Spencer, a fitting name would be the Paul L. Dunbar Administrative Offices.

— Mark Lyerly

I am proud the Rowan-Salisbury community is moving forward with this vitally important facility. After more than 25 years of ridicule and disrespect, a safe and decent workplace is not too much to provide to the dedicated professionals entrusted with educating our children.

— Joe Morris

… Letter: School board should stand by agreement on name

The Wallace Family generously contributed the land for the building and the school system? Wrong; they traded. No reason to treat them as some super humans because they made a trade and more than likely came out on the upper end.

— Chuck Freeze

I call this “political grandstanding.” Dean Hunter and Travis Allen are on the school board to cause any kind of hold up  they can,and be the “obstructionists” in this issue, as I’m sure they will be in the future. …
— Butch Young

… Jack Thomas, man who developed South Rowan YMCA, dies at 84

Jack also brought racquetball to North Carolina! He was an amazing and dedicated YMCA leader.

— Kathy Morgan

Jack Thomas was a wonderful person and great attribute and example for how all YMCAs should be administered. Jamie Morgan took up the reins and has continued the good work that Jack began. Thank you, Jack, and thank you, Jamie!

— Gary Cress

A great man I knew from Raleigh and Camp Kanata where he helped build lives and character.

— Jim Dooley

… Police identify man struck and killed by train Tuesday night

Jeff (Hooker) was a good man, hard worker had the same job for 36 years. He was a giver and a faithful church attendee at The River Church of God. He will be greatly missed! He loved to help everybody — a very likable guy! Thank you all who tried to help him Tuesday night. God Bless!

— Gina McMasters

Sorry for your loss. Jeff was a hard worker and so funny. R.I.P., Jeff.

— Betty Lowery

I remember Jeffrey. Would bump into him every now and again whenever I was in Salisbury. He and my brother, Kelly, were good friends. Kelly was killed by an Amtrak train as well back on Aug 20. Prayers for his family :’(

— Tracy D. Wagoner

It’s hard to believe. I’ve very sorry to hear this tragic news. You’ll be missed, Jeff.

— Manuel Benitez

Good, hard-working man. He leaves behind his wife, family, and kids. We never know how we’re gonna leave this world, so we can’t question why this why that. We are here today, gone tomorrow. We all have a number. Prayers for the family

— Sherry Hawthorne

… ‘Life in the Carolinas’ episode will feature Isenhour, Clyde

I awoke this morning to find myself as front page news. Most of the time if your name made the headlines on the front page, it’s for something bad you did. Luckily it was good …

— Tom Isenhour

Clyde knows how to bring history alive for his audience. I barely knew him 15 years ago, and some cousins from Minnesota had some questions about the Confederate Prison. We went by on a sultry summer day, and Clyde toured them through the guard house, then took us all to the backyard as we sat under a large shade tree and discussed the history for a good half hour or so. He was very hospitable and left my cousins with a great impression of the city’s history and the Southern hospitality shown by Clyde.

— Jeff Morris

There are many, many terrific stories to find here in Salisbury, and Mr. White could not have found a better start than with Tom and Clyde.

— Tom Speaks

… Levy wins second vice chair of state Democratic party

Belated congratulations Veleria! As chairwoman for our county party, you demonstrated your leadership ability. Now you can take that ability to the state level and help turn North Carolina Blue.

— Jack Burke

Congratulations, Veleria Levy. You will continue to do wonders for our community, our village. The best is yet to come, young lady! #TURNUP

— Mercedes Harrington

I am excited and ready to continue the work we’ve started in Rowan County across the state with other county chairs!! Watch out red counties, the N.C. Democratic Party is coming for you!

— Veleria Levy

… The heroes of local integration? The children

The schools were not immediately integrated upon the Supreme Court ruling. 1962 was the beginning. It was also the year I graduated from Price High School.

— Reginald Brown

… the Salisbury City Schools were first totally integrated in the fall of 1969. I was a first-year teacher at Knox Junior High School and remember it very vividly. We had problems, we worked through them, and it was a great experience.

— David Potts

Calvin Strawder may not remember me but I do remember him. East’s football team came to North Rowan for a scrimmage. I was playing left defensive end. Calvin came around my corner and he was quick. I met him head on with the best tackle I could. Calvin hit me so hard I saw stars, and maybe a few planets. That was the hardest hit I ever had experienced then and none harder since. I congratulate Calvin for all his success and bravery.

— Ken Beck

I worked with Mr. Richard Taylor and I didn’t know that. Speaking for my generation and generations to come, we salute you!

— Smiley Mitchell

I never knew the Taylor family’s role in integrating the Salisbury schools. Fantastic!

— Lisa Dyer

… McCrory, Kluttz tout tax credits at city hall

The only way the historic tax credit will be continued under this current group of Republican legislators would be for the Senate to find a way to fund it through tax increases on fixed- and middle-income residents. That source of revenue is really tapped out after the increases last year!

— Carl Prine

Whatever! I see a no vote by his own party. Then he will be able to say, well, I tried.

— Chris Borre

We need to have the governor come for a visit more often. I forgot how good downtown looks when the trash has been picked up, the sidewalks blown clean and they run a street sweeper. Might we consider keeping the welcome mat out 24/7/365? It looks great.

— Michael S. Young

… Commissioners talk tax increase during budget presentation

How about these ideas.

Commissioners pass a resolution that asks our local legislators (Ford, Warren, Brock, McInnis) during this legislative session to increase the “Homestead Exemption” amounts paid on property taxes by our seniors and veterans. …

… increase the sales tax by .25 percent. Everyone pays sales taxes, even those who buy here but do not live here. Uncollected flea market sales taxes, perhaps?

And … ask commissioners to make a decision on how much they’re willing to spend on the Salisbury Mall over the next 10 years 

— Jon Barber

If you believe that taxes should disproportionately impact lower incomes, raising the sales tax is the way to go. It’s called regressive taxation.

— Ron Turbyfill

If the only solution to increasing revenue in this town is to raise taxes again on our property, then I am going to leave town. Lower taxes and find industry to take up the slack, please. Who wants to move here with the taxes so high? Why can we not create a tax-free zone for companies to move in and build and employ which would bring a stream of income to the town and county to alleviate new taxes. Taxes are an easy way out for everything without having to work too hard to create something.

— Lonnie Carpenter

… County’s housing market showing signs of improvement

It would also be great to see more agents and Realtors take an interest in local housing issues and what is being done to help the local real estate market improve.

— Geof Wilson

The Carolina Thread Trail and better connectivity of the greenways will also help boost property values. Buy now, sell later!

— Eric Phillips