Rowan weather: Prepare for serious arctic blast

Published 7:50 am Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It’s another damp morning, with a 20 percent chance of more rain before 10 a.m. Otherwise, it will be cloudy, then gradually clearing, becoming mostly sunny. The high will be 49, but winds from the north at 11-14 mph, with gusts up to 22 mph, will make it seem colder.

Tonight’s low will be around 30 degrees.

Wednesday should be sunny and near 53 degrees with winds calming down. Wednesday night will have a low of 33.

Thursday will be mostly sunny, with a high near 52, then the winds blows back in from the northwest at 12 to 17 mph, with gusts up to 30 mph.

The wind will bring in arctic air, with a low Thursday around 17 degrees. And Friday we’ll only hit 36 for a high.

Friday night will be very cold, with a low of 21.

Valentine’s weekend, well, it’ll give you incentive to cuddle. Saturday will be mostly sunny with a high near 45. Then, brace yourselves, the low will be 14, or less in rural areas.

Sunday will be freezing, literally, with a high of 32. Sunday’s wind and very cold temperatures could result in below zero wind chill. The low Sunday night will again be around 14 degrees.

This is serious cold, folks, so make sure your home is prepared for it. Find a warm place where pets can be and make sure they have a source of unfrozen drinking water. Check on neighbors, friends and relatives who need help preparing for the bitter cold. If necessary, help them find a warm shelter for Saturday and Sunday nights. Be careful with heating sources such as space heaters. Keep the heaters well away from flammable material, including bedding. Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to help keep your pipes from freezing.

Monday won’t be warm, but it will be sunny with a high of 42.