Quotes of the Week

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 6, 2015

“I want to push the medical community to get familiar with Lyme disease, and do more than the CDC standards of care. Everybody I’ve talked to that has battled with Lyme disease will say the same thing.”

— Mark Ritchie, who says his case of Lyme disease should have been diagnosed earlier

“You could only get white dolls. You didn’t think about it. When that’s all you had, you didn’t know anything else.”

— Aggie Harrington, 82, talking about her childhood, while visiting display of black dolls at Spencer Doll and Toy Museum

“There is great argument about this calculation.”

— Dr. Lynn Moody, Rowan-Salisbury Schools superintendent, on state grading system that gave a D to 13 local schools and an F to one

“I’m glad to see investment in the sciences. It’s nice to be invested in as a teacher.”

Rachel Lawrence, eighth-grade science teacher, on program for science and math teachers to earn a master’s degree at Catawba College, tuition free

“It’s just a tremendous unbelievable donation. I guess you’d say I’m speechless.”

— Barbara Hart, advocate for animals, on  Christine Morykwas’ funding of a $832,000 expansion at Rowan County Animal Shelter