Rowan Museum sends out a ‘call to arms’

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Rowan Museum is updating its World War I exhibit with displays of contributions to the war effort made by local black soldiers. The revised exhibit is in need of names, in addition to the ones listed below, and photographs and artifacts featuring African-American soldiers who lived in Rowan County for at least 10 years.

Here are names the museum has: George Adams, James E. Alams, Isaiah Allen, Thomas Avroy, Sandy Barber, Savanna Barnes, Charlie Bates, Council Bates, Hubbard Blair, Joseph Bonds, Ed Brandon, Henry E. Brown, Roy H. Brown, Renaldo Bush, Willie Carr, Chauncey A. Carson, Neely Correll, Nelson Correll, Sam Cosby, Simon Crosby, Charlie Cowan, James H. Cowan, Simon Crosby, Will Crosby, Albert Eady, Stacey Ellis, Louis Giest, William Harris, Carl Hawkins, James Irby, George Jackson, Paul Jolly, Floyd Kerr, John Shepherd Leazer, Tonsil Alexander Litaker, Archie Lyerly, Clarence McKnight, Clether McKnight, John Mills ,Henry Mitchel, John Neal , Robert Neely, Jessie Thomas Ormond, Hugh A. Parker, Gabe Parks, Amos Peak, Arthur Perkins, Jack Poe, Clarence Robinson, Richard Sloan, Paul Sturtevant, Theodore Thirdgill, Victor J. Tulane, Eddie Underwood, Dan White, Richard White, Floyd B. Wilkins

Contact Rowan Museum by phone at 704-633-5946, or by e-mail  at , if you can enhance the exhibit by loaning or donating your personal World War I artifacts and photographs.