Kevin Carroll uses Master Teacher skills

Published 9:07 am Monday, January 26, 2015

Kevin T. Carroll, BA, MS, a graduate of Salisbury High School, recently served as a Master Teacher for the National Young Arts Program in Miami, Fla. The program is a foundation from which the Presidential Scholars of the Arts are chosen.

One hundred sixty-nine high school students, aged 15-18 years of age, were chosen from 11,000 competing applicants.
The students participated in a week-long intensive workshop for various disciplines in the arts instructed by master performers in the arts. Each discipline was performed on assigned nights for the Miami theater audiences and other students. Several Presidential Scho­lars were chosen from the finalists.

Kevin won the OBIE Award in 2011 for Sustained Excellence for his off-Broadway work which qualified him as a Master Teacher of the Arts. He was accompanied to Miami by his mother, Mae Carroll.

Kevin will appear on television in a “Grey’s Anatomy” episode titled, “Where Do We Go from Here,” airing Thursday, Jan. 29 (see local schedule for time and details). Kevin plays a father who is forced to deal with conflictual issues created in family life by being overworked.