Letters to the editor — Thursday (1-22-15)

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 22, 2015

Domestic oil production
is answer to U.S. problems

Since Sept. 11, 2001, Americans have been forced to pay trillions of dollars in protecting our citizens, properties and, more importantly, Constitutional freedoms from Islamic terror.  Radical Islamic terrorists demand Americans abandon our Constitution, God and (y)our Holy Bible; all to be replaced by an unacceptable covenant: Islam, Quran and Sharia Law.

President Obama, most Capitol Hill Democrats, a few Republicans-in-Name-Only and oil-producing nations have squeezed Americans’ budgets by decreasing production of oil and gasoline; thus, increasing demands and prices.

U.S. government agencies deny entrepreneurs drilling rights for domestic oil on proven public properties and in oceans’ known potentials.

Radical Islamic nations in the Middle East and North Africa depend on oil sales.  They rely on further assistance from, primarily, the U.S., only for these governments to provide military support to terrorist groups within their own kingdoms and elsewhere.  These same terrorist groups are at war with America.  Sound crazy?  Well, it is!

As Americans produce and purchase the country’s own oil and sell more to other nations, America is becoming more oil-independent and fiscally sound by reducing consumers’ energy of transportation and residential heating costs.  Our economy is aided with lower manufacturing costs leading to greater export sales.

America can become oil-independent and economically boundless.

Increasing domestic oil and gasoline production will bolster our economy while reducing radical Islamic nations from bankrolling radical Islamic groups, leaving Islamic militants into financial starvation.

Simple economics could restore peace again!

— Oscar Harward


Freedom is not for everyone

A response to Allan Gilmour’s piece on treating freedom well can best be summed up by Henry David Thoreau’s observation: “It takes two to speak the truth — one to speak and another to hear.”

The American politicians need to get it through their heads that freedom is not for everyone; it’s only for those who are willing to take it. The Vietnamese, the Afghans and the Iraqis want freedom like my dog wants a 401K.

— Stan Berkshire