Letters to the editor — Monday (1-12-2015)

Published 12:15 am Monday, January 12, 2015

The recent terrorism in perspective

There have been a number of violent attacks in recent months which have been carried out in the name of Islam, and which have been heavily reported by the media.

Let us take care that we do not overstate the danger of such evil acts.
From the standpoint of those who have been wounded or killed, and from the standpoint of their loved ones, such heinous acts have resulted in catastrophe: To die in such an incident (or to have lost a loved one) is undeniably tragic. It would be hard to imagine a more terrible thing than losing a loved one so unexpectedly and under such cruel circumstances. We would be hard-pressed to overstate just how unfortunate these wicked assaults have been to those who have been directly impacted by them.

But on the other hand, from the standpoint of our national security, these attacks have been far from disastrous. They have not been wholly inconsequential, but they do not represent a significant threat to the nation as a whole (whether our nation, or France, Canada, etc.). They are dangerous to individual persons but not to nations or societies. Only if we allow our minds to be filled with inordinate and unreasonable fear will such petty attacks be a substantial danger — and then the danger will not be the wicked scoundrels who murder the innocent, but our own fear.

We have nothing to fear from such evil actions, as they cannot bring civilization to its knees, and because our likelihood of perishing in them as individuals is practically nothing. Let us continue living as we have, watchful and wise, but always unfazed by such despicable acts; and let us hope that all who commit them meet an inglorious death at the hands of the societies they make war upon. 

— Tom Hervey



A different kind of riches

I guess I can’t complain about how my life has gone. It is all in how you look at something. If I had studied in school, which I did not, I could have had a great job after finishing college, which I had quit.

But … I would never have learned to build a winning go-kart race motor, a winning slot car, built my own computer from scratch, my computer desk and learned how to edit audio, video and images. And most important of all, I’d never have met the wonderful people I work with and have met on Myspace and Facebook. 

The way I see it, I ended up richer in the long run. Richer where it counts. 

One of the things my sister hated about me when we were in school was that she studied herself to death all through school, and I made good grades without studying. I was not the straight “A” student she was, but I know I could have been if I had tried. I was too busy building walls … I quit caring. So I ended up here, today! Music pulled me through it all … 

Anyone got a dollar I could borrow? Pay you back next week… !

But if I had become what my parents wanted me to be, I would be in a two-story doublewide, driving a stretch Jeep and probably running on a Democrat ticket for president some day while listening to Beethoven’s music …
I do like how my life ended up much better than that!

— Arthur Liles

China Grove