Kannapolis now offering garbage and recycling pickup to businesses

Published 12:05 am Sunday, January 4, 2015

City of Kannapolis

KANNAPOLIS – The city of Kannapolis is offering a new program to businesses – commercial garbage and recycling. Currently, businesses contract with private firms for their garbage and recycling needs. The city decided to offer this service after receiving requests from businesses and determining that the program could be managed at competitive rates.

The city’s contractor, Waste Management, will collect the garbage and recycling weekly. City staff members will work with businesses of all sizes to determine the number of carts or dumpsters needed and to educate businesses on the benefits of recycling. The program is completely voluntary.

October House Bakery has already signed up for the service. October House Bakery is a wholesaler baker of oatmeal, pecan and chocolate chip cookies. You can find them at places like R&R Barbeque, What-A-Burger Restaurants, Arthur’s at Southpark, and Johnny Burrito.

“We moved our business to Kannapolis this summer and we are recycling crazy,” said Shane Moore. “We have a responsibility to save the Earth by recycling. It’s that simple. It is good for our children and it’s good for our economy. We basically have one cart of trash a week and the rest of our waste is recycled. We are excited to be here and to have this service provided by the city. For our business, the rates charged were lower than what we would have paid a private contractor,” Moore said.

Other businesses that have signed up for the service are: McComb’s Counseling & Consulting; Leo’s Auto Repair; Quality Accounting & Tax Service; Calvary Tabernacle V.P. Church and 24/7 Total Fitness Center Inc.

If your business is interested in the commercial garbage and recycling service, visit www.kannapolisnc.gov for more information and to fill out the online application. The online application will calculate the cost of the service based on your business needs. Call the Kannapolis Public Works Department at 704-920-4200 with questions.