10 to Watch: Kent Winrich

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 3, 2015

Kent Winrich

Kent Winrich joined the city of Salisbury in late November. He is the new man in charge of the city’s fiber-optic broadband system, Fibrant.

Winrich brings extensive knowledge to the city as it looks to grow its high-speed-Internet and video service. He has over 25 years of experience in broadband and has worked on systems around the world.

He currently lives in Greensboro, but is a native of Wisconsin. He’s been living in North Carolina since 2005. Recently married, he plans to move to Salisbury once he and his family find a home.

Winrich has worked for global businesses like IBM and also small consulting companies. His most recent job was with Hibernia Media, a subset of the global telecommunications company Hibernia Networks, where he oversaw the company’s European network.

Winrich has said the city made a good decision to develop a fiber-optic system. He said businesses will be drawn to locations that offer the fastest Internet speeds.

He takes the reins from Mike Jury, who has been consulting for the city on Fibrant for more than two years. But due to Fibrant’s growth, Jury suggested the city hire a full-time director for the system.

Jury will continue to play a role in Fibrant.

City officials have said Winrich is the perfect man for the job and has the knowledge and experience to help Fibrant reach its full potential.

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Job title: Director of Broadband and Infrastructure for city of Salisbury

Age: 53 

Address: Currently lives in Greensboro but is looking for a home in Salisbury 

If you won $1 million in the lottery, what would you do? First thing is take his wife on a honeymoon to a wonderful beach somewhere and go scuba diving. Then use the rest of the money to invest in a business incubator in Salisbury. 

Favorite Hobby: Entertaining people by hosting dinners, wine tastings and social get togethers. Also enjoys hiking and photography. 

Who should play you a movie? The late Robin Williams because of his sense of humor.

What would you choose for your last meal? Either sushi or pizza 

Who will you watch in 2015? Successful technology and media companies, looking for technology that can help Salisbury grow. 

Biggest challenge in 2015: Letting the people of the world know the wonderful opportunities we have in here in Salisbury. 

Biggest hope for 2015: Finding a way to make my team members at Fibrant successful. 

Reaction to making the list: Surprised, not so much about having the spotlight on him, rather have it on his coworkers.