Weekly news quiz: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 21, 2014

1. Elizabeth Safrit of Kannapolis finished third (second runnerup) in the Miss World competition held Dec. 14 in London. A woman from what country won the Miss World title?
A. Hungary
B. South Africa
C. Brazil
D. Turkey

2. Instead of a traditional Christmas tree, Ted and Cheryl Goins of Salisbury decorate something else with lights every year. What is it?
A. A step ladder
B. Three rakes tied up to look like a tree
C. Their vintage jukebox
D. A giant leg lamp, fashioned after the one from the movie “A Christmas Story”

3. Where in Salisbury did Wreaths Across America place 924 wreaths this holiday season?
A. Attached to every light pole in the downtown
B. In front of all the hospital beds at the Hefner VA Medical Center
C. Next to graves at the Salisbury National Cemetery
D. At the front doors of 924 different U.S. veterans

4. Bobby Lee Craig III of Kannapolis ended up being sentenced to prison as a habitual felon, and one of the last straws was his being convicted of driving while impaired on what conveyance?
A. A horse
B. A lawn mower
C. A farm tractor
D. A bicycle

5. Turnover has been high among income maintenance caseworkers for the Department of Social Services in Rowan County. Over the past six months, what percentage of those caseworkers have left?
A. 10 percent
B. 15 percent
C. 20 percent
D. 25 percent

6. Piedmont Players bought something for $150,000 this past week. What was it?
A. A satellite theater in High Point
B. An outdoor amphitheater in Spencer
C. A costume company in Greensboro
D. New lights for the Meroney Theater

7. The Chick-N-Ale restaurant surprised many observers when it closed at 115 E. Innes St. after less than three months in business. Owner Stan Lineberry of Thomasville said the concept would have worked better if what?
A. The restaurant had been anywhere but Salisbury
B. If it had been located in a standalone building with a drive-through window
C. If it had served barbecue instead of chicken
D. If Salisburians were a more sophisticated dining populace

8. An audit showed Fibrant, the city of Salisbury’s broadband utility, made a profit in the 2013-2014 fiscal year. How big was the profit?
A. $229,000
B. $349,000
C. $559,000
D. $679,000

9. Erin Henrickson Cherry, a 2003 graduate of East Rowan High, was a passenger on the turbulent ride last Tuesday of American Airlines Flight 280. From where to where was her plane’s original flight plan?
A. From Tokyo to Vancouver
B. From Taiwan to San Francisco
C. From Hawaii to Seattle
D. From Seoul to Dallas-Fort Worth

10. A club at A.L. Brown High School in Kannapolis has sponsored a Beard-a-thon to raise money for what cause?
A. World hunger
B. Locks of Love
C. Endangered wildlife
D. Multiple sclerosis research



1. B. Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss won the 2014 Miss World title.

2. A. Ted and Cheryl Goins have decorated an open 10-foot “Yule ladder” as their Christmas tree for the past three years.

3. C. The 924 wreaths were placed at grave sites in the Salisbury National Cemetery annex next to the Hefner VA Medical Center.

4. D.  Craig took a drunken ride on a bicycle, and it led to his being convicted of habitual impaired driving. He was sentenced to a minimum of five years and six months in prison.

5. C. In the previous six months, the Department of Social Services lost 20 percent — 15 people total — of its income maintenance caseworkers.

6. C. Piedmont Players bought the Eastern Costume Co. of Greensboro and is in the process of moving the business to downtown Salisbury.

7. B.  Lineberry said Chick-N-Ale just wasn’t going to grow fast enough without a standalone building and a drive-through.

8. A. Fibrant made a $229,000 profit in 2013-2014, the first year it has been profitable since starting in 2010.

9. D. Cherry’s flight from Seoul, South Korea, to Dallas-Fort Worth was diverted to Tokyo after the plane went through heavy storm turbulence.

10. C.  A.L. Brown High’s environmental club sponsored the Beard-a-thon to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund, in support of endangered species.