Rowan weather: Good two days ahead

Published 8:33 am Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The sun is shining, so we should warm up quickly today after a cold start. Look for a high near 56, with breezes from the west. Tonight we’ll drop back to 31 degrees.

Thursday will be partly sunny and 51, with a low of 33.

Friday will be mostly sunny during the day, with a high near 52, then a 40 percent chance of rain moves in Friday night, with a low of 35.

Bad news for the last Saturday before Christmas — Saturday’s going to be wet and cold. We have an 80 percent chance of rain and a high of only 41 degrees. Saturday night has a 60 percent chance of rain and a cold low of 33.

Even Sunday might bring some lingering showers, with a high of 48; the sun will make an appearance later in the day. Sunday night’s low will be 32.

For Monday, with the countdown to Christmas speeding up, it will be partly sunny and near 49 degrees. Monday night will be around 33 degrees.

Tuesday, we have a 30 percent chance of rain and a high of 52.

We probably won’t have a white Christmas, but let’s hope it’s not a wet Christmas, either.