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Letters to the editor — Wednesday (12-17-14)

What difference does color make?

If I were purple would I be offended by these acts of violence in the media? Since I would not be involved from either side, could I still have a voice? If I did, then what would or should I say?

What is wrong with everyone? Why so much frustration and conflict towards one another? At one time we were all the same, weren’t we? Terrorists take a strike and we rise up as one — defending ourselves, our communities and our country.

Now look at us, at war against each other. I am saddened this day by our country and our people.

With Christmas approaching will it simply be a distraction from our fears and the arrogance of others?

Being purple has the advantage of being different enough all the time that others don’t judge or try to mainstream. Instead people will just stare in partial disbelief or unknowing. What’s better, you ask? Well, what would you rather endure, ignorance or isolation?

— Jamie Corby


Circus poor choice

Re: “Reading may lead to circus tickets”

It’s a shame that Rowan Public Library is using taxpayer resources to promote the for-profit, privately owned and highly controversial Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Ringling paid a record fine of $270,000 to settle violations of federal animal protection laws.

More and more young people are aware that Ringling whips animals and beats them with bullhooks to get animals to perform demeaning, confusing and often painful acts. The animals spend the majority of their lives chained in box cars and confined in transport cages. They’ll rarely feel the sun or fresh air. They’ll never know freedom.

Library officials apparently did not bother doing their research or they would not be associating with a company known for its shameful treatment of animals.

— Jennifer O’Connor

Norfolk, Va.

The writer works for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Foundation.



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