Published 12:05 am Monday, December 15, 2014

Here are the deeds from the Rowan County Register of Deeds Office for the period ending Nov. 30, 2014.


Atwell Township

Mark W. Allen and spouse to Socrates W. Zourelias and Sarah M. LaPointe, $344,000

Curt G. Dunning and wife to Micter LLC, $150,000


China Grove Township

Wendy Smith and Husband to Jeremy Aldridge and wife, $77,000

Gladys Roberts Lloyd to Zachary Ryan Overcash, $92,000

The Bank of New York Mellon FKA The Bank of New York as Trustee for the Certificate holders of CWABS Inc. to Charles Harrington Sr., $55,000

Shirley Helms to Christopher H. MacQueen and wife, $215,000

Dale Richard Hubbard and Jan Hubbard Swinson to Thomas Scott Goodman and wife, $40,000

Warren Anthony Harris and wife to Canizalez Builders Corporation Inc., $10,000

Richard K. Smith and wife to Charles David Cauble and wife, $6,000

April Michele Norris and husband to Jordan T. burke and wife, $117,500

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Stone Properties and Development LLC, $94,500

Matthew D. Uttley, Michael A. Uttley and estate of Alan Dale Uttley to Shelia D. Alexander, $175,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Bank of America, $80,000

Karen R. Marrone to Kelly Sue Cowell, $43,000

Community One Bank to Jeffrey J. Roderick and wife, $35,000

Jonathan R. Wirz and wife to Jamie L. Hyatt, $115,000

Castle and Cooke Carolinas Land Holdings, LLC to Atlantic American Properties, Inc., $2.3 million

The Estate of Carroll L. Ratliff and Roger William Ratliff and wife to Zachary Todd Bruce and wife, $76,000

Bank of America to Tonya Krimminger, $10,500

Brenda Freeman to Steve Ellery Noyes and wife, $59,000

Christina Lynne Thompson and husband to Michael D. Pousada and wife, $75,000

Darren L. Strickland and wife to Brittney Livengood, $165,000

Santiago Quintero Jr. and wife to Jose Manuel Quintero Corona and wife, $58,000

Joyce Staley Ford to Rusty Lee Ritchie, $73,000

Richard A. Collins and wife to William S. Collins Jr., $60,000

Ulyesse Charles Everall Jr and wife to Adam Vargo and wife, $94,500


Cleveland Township

Mary Jane Wallace and Barbara A. Brown to Barbara A. Brown, $12,000

Charles D. McLendon and Juan P. McLendon to Howard Andrew Taylor and wife, $23,000


Gold Hill Township

Ragan Dudley, substitute trustee care of Hmesley, Gaines and Dudley LLP to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, $229,500

Jeffrey Bryan Duncan and wife to Trent Allen Lowe, $78,500

David Fazelnia and wife to Rex A. Phelps, $35,000

Louise Brit and spouse to Melissa Holloway Wimmer and Mark Allen Wimmer, $1,000

Stephen Dwayne Mcintyre and wife; Daniel R. Mcintyre; Daniel R. Mcintyre and Thomas L Mcintyre to Laura S. Williams, $45,000

Aaron C. Shafer and wife to Jeremy Allen White, $117,000

DEB Gold Hill Property LLC to Brown and Brown Property of Rowan, $220,000

Stephen Powell and wife to Tommie Dwight Billingsley, $158,000


Franklin Township

Nancy E. Stout to Lester Gardner, $85,000

Jimmy K. Mason and wife to Tommy Walker and wife, $155,000

Kevin Scott Trexler to Douglass E. Shehan Jr., $123,000

Warren E. Hallam, Jr. to Kristine Michell Koch, $104,000

V. Craig Hiatt and wife to Neal C. Hiatt and wife, $173,000

Michael H. Steele and wife to Christopher A. Peters and wife, $123,500


Litaker Township

Thomas Woodard and wife to Jacob Moore and wife, $76,000

Ashley Lynn Morgan and husband to Lindsey Ward and husband, $219,000

Ken Kellis Builders, Inc. to Natalie Allen, $170,000

Platinum Construction Corp. to Fitzmark LLC, $1,250,000

Judith Annette Arthurs to Michael Hartness and wife, $20,500

Shea Real Estate Investments to Mark S. Denny, $454,000

Randy Melton and wife to Ryan Jackson and wife, $20,000

Laura M. Smith to Clyde H. Bradshaw and wife, $197,000

Larry A. Johnson to Joe Funderbunk and wife, $10,000

Shea Real Estate Investments, LLC to Jonathan Benton and Tamisha Benton, $353,000

Timothy J. Garmon and wife to Richard A. Brian, $92,000

Shea Real Estate Investments LLC to Martha L. Rusher and husband, $320,000

Randy Melton and wife to Donald White and wife, $20,000


Locke Township

Brenda L. Middleton as executrix of the estate of Lorraine M. Kovalcson and husband and Mark R. Kovalcson and wife to George Tillman and wife, $144,000

Joshua Biggers to Alan Shuffler, $35,000

Charles Cook and wife to Gerald Sprinkle and wife, $212,000

Jeffrey Alan Clontz and wife to Charles Ray Reynolds, $25,000

Kevin Cuevas and wife to Keith Myers and wife, $180,000


Mt. Ulla Township

American Land Corporation—Charlotte to Lyle K. Rader and wife, $140,000

Kevin Dean Noto and wife to Chase A. Roseman, $31,000

Douglas L. Huntley and wife to Christopher Roseman, $30,000

Judy Wilson Lowry and spouse to Todd E. Kennedy and spouse, $86,000


Morgan Township

Geneva M. Long; Barbara Barnes and husband; and Betty Cain and husband to Christo0pher Jack Brown and wife, $80,000


Providence Township

Christopher Robert Strange to Steven Cauble and wife, $129,000

Arthur Vance Thomas and wife to David A. Dekarske, $267,000

James D. Kluttz and wife to Andrea Johnston Misenheimer and husband, $255,000

Louellen P. Moss and husband to Joseph M. Parnell and wife, $10,000

Larry S. Kesler and wife to Joshua Robert Malek, $32,000

Rusty Lee Smith and wife to Henry Lee King Jr., $4,500

Pleasant Oaks Land Holdings Concord NC LLC to Alive Joseph Strickland and wife, $84,000

The Cognato Group LLC to John Christopher Haynes and wife, $75,000


Salisbury Township

Habitat for Humanity of Rowan County to Falconery Reyes and wife, $68,500

Historic Salisbury Foundation Inc. to Aroy Thai, LLC, $12,000

Allen A. McCanless and wife to Historic Salisbury Foundation, $16,000

Jack R. Lanning and wife to Ashley Gorman McDonald and husband, $75,000

Thomas W. Ward and wife to Wayne Douglass Chiles, $87,000

Christiana Trust to Armando Truijillo-Pineda and Aida Soliz Truijillo, $19,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to CitiFinancial Servicing LLC, $220,500

Laura Marie Smith to Vixai Syhavon and wife, $15,000

Blue Jay Investments LLC to Rehan Khan and Tahira Siddiqui, $34,000

Peggy H. Maness Bullock and husband to Jimmy K. Mason Jr. and wife, $171,000

Yadkin Bank to Robert Schubert and wife, $13,000

Carol L. Steelman and husband to Joan H. Anderson, $128,000

Linda Stewart Moss to Arceilia Marisol Godinez, $76,000

Jean A. Hillard and husband to Michael V. Motte, $95,000

The Richard R. Thurston Revocable Trust to Jonathan A. Post and wife, $60,000

LD Properties LLC to Kaven M. Skeen and Jackie C. Skeen, $60,000

John T Hudson, administrator of the estate of Alberta Stien Isenhower, to Laine Byers, $30,000

Mary G. Dawkins to Regal Nails of Salisbury, $100,000

Citi Financial Servicing LLC to Mt. Calvary Holy Church of Salisbury, $18,000

Jane Daniel to Historic Salisbury Foundation Inc, $40,000

Coco Properties LLC to Gateway Freedom Center, $95,000

Urban Financial of America LLC to Chuc Van Le, $24,000

Timothy Sykes and wife to Judith Abernathy, $19,500

High Rock Community Church to Leatherman Associates, $2.43 million

Lisa Kim Forther Dobbins and Timothy Lee Fortner and wife to William L. Thompson, $121,000

Eldon Presnell and spouse to Diane B. Wallace, $214,000

Jonathan A. Post and wife to Shifal LLC, $28,500

Park Sterling Bank to Bonnie E. Snider, $70,000

James Roosevelt O’Neil to Tammy Johnson, $30,000

Frank Rudolph Blackwell, as administrator of the estate of Ruby Diane Blackwell, and wife to Mary G. Dawkins, $81,000
Jangkwon Cho to Andrew R. Treece, $153,000


Unity Township

Genevieve G. Marlin, Merle B. Marlin and wife, Patricia E. Marlin and Jana G. Marlin to Joshua R. Eller and wife, $12,000


Township not listed:

Christopher M. Agner and wife to Angela . Barber and Robert M. Barber, $168,500

J.V. Randall Jr., executor of the estate of Cecil Lloyd Morris to Bernard McDonald and wife, $79,000

CitiMortgage, Inc. to James Landro and Tina Landro, $37,500

Debbie Martin Tuck and husband to Barry Kyle Corriher, $10,000

Robert Turner III to Sharonview Federal Credit Union, $42,000

Ashley Shave Lombard and husband to George Thomas Dillard and wife, $95,000

Mason W. Reddick and wife to Household Realty Corporation, $116,000

Ida Lee Arey to Frankie L. Pittman, $75,000

Citi Mortgage, Inc. to Joseph Shahane Edwards, $120,000

Bob Schacht Motorsports, Inc. to NCS Holdings LLC, $935,000

Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to U.S. Bank and Trust, $45,000

Starburst-Nebuli, LLC to Starburst Properties, $387,000

Lance A. Riddle and wife to Aaron Shafer and wife, $230,000

Bank of North Carolina to Jeffery L. Haynes and wife, $139,500

Jose L. Vilchis and wife to James Matthew Lyerly, $115,000

Timothy M. Proper and wife to John M. Gay Jr. and wife, $299,000

Kenneth Claffey and wife to Billy Joe Jenkins and wife, $169,000

Edwin Williams to John Schofield, $105,000