Youth review “Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark”

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 20, 2014

Piedmont Players will present “Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark” for a second weekend this Friday and Saturday. Shows are at 7:30 p.m. both days with a 2:30 p.m. matinee Saturday. Tickets are $8 for students and seniors and $10 for adults and can be purchased online at or by calling 704-633-5471.

Rowan County students were invited to preview the show and gave it the following reviews.

“I liked when they were scared of the T-Rex.” – Shemiah Price

“I liked the T-Rex.” – Addie Myers

“The play was cool and they had a lot of details.” – Ayana Miller

“It had lots of cool dinosaurs.” – Joshua Allen

“I like the dance.” – Kamiya Gooden

“I wish I could see it again.” – Kaydin Hogan

“I liked when they spun on the tree.” – Ana Blankenship

“I liked when the baby eggs hatched.” –Kimora Chawlk

“In the play I saw lots of dinosaurs. My favorite part was when they all gathered together and started to dance.” – Alina Tate

“I like the show because at the end they all danced.” – Ebbie Lescoe

“The beginning was funny because Jack and Annie saw a dinosaur.  The dinosaur followed them around the woods.”Keial Matthews

“I liked the play because the actors danced and the tree house spun around.  My favorite part was when Jack and Annie met the dinosaurs.”Aniya Ross

“I loved the play. The flips that the girls did were very cool. Also the music was beautiful. When the tree spun that was incredible. All the costumes were great. The acting was very good. I loved the dancing. The glowing eyes were cool too.”

– Kaleigh Goodman

“I liked the T-Rex eyes. I liked when the tree house spun and when they danced. I also liked when the eggs hatched.” – Bryson Brown

“I enjoyed it very much because I liked the costumes. They looked like they were real dinosaurs. I liked the song because it was like hearing a dinosaur roaring. I liked the spinning tree house because it was like a spinning tree.” – Isabel Osborne-Johnston

“I loved the music and the flips and singing. It was amazing. Annie, if you see this, you and Jack were amazing. Jack, you were bossy. Annie, you were friendly.”

– Brooke Gonsalves

“I enjoyed the play. I liked when the babies hatched. I like how they moved. It was very cute.” – Landon Getzlaff

“When the T-Rex got close it scared CeCe and me and we held hands. But on the bright side the show was awesome.” – Morgan Chapman

“I liked to see the stumps. I liked the costumes. They were amazing. I like the tree house spinning. It was amazing to watch.” – Caden Callicutt

“The play was fun because we got to see a tree house spin. It looked like it was a dream.” – Zander Brown

“I liked it when the babies hatched. I really liked it when the tree house spun. Jack was really bossy. Annie was really funny. I liked it when they danced.” –Lark Staley

“The play was cool. The dinosaur was scary. I liked the play. It was funny. I liked the music. The dinosaur’s eyes glowed.” – Wyatt Bogle

“I enjoyed the play because I got to see kids doing backflips and it was cool.” – Emma Haynes

“I enjoyed the part where the T-Rex came out and was scaring the other dinosaurs away with its glittery eyes and it scared Jack and Annie.” – Chania Henderson

“I like when the little man went up to the tree and stuck his head out and talked. I liked when they hid under the tree. When they got up to the ladder they started spinning the tree. The music had a very good tune to it. I like the dancing. I thought they were having fun.” – Grayson Jordan

“The play that we went to was great. I love the robot T-Rex costume because of the glowing eyes and the big roars. Also the other costumes were great too. Also I liked the little baby dinosaurs.” – Berkley Koontz

“I liked the robot T-Rex and the spinning tree house.” – Greg Leo

“I enjoyed the play. I liked the T-Rex and his eyes. I liked when the tree house spun. I liked the end when they danced. When the babies hatched, that was cool.’’ – Elijah McGinnis

“I liked Dinosaurs Before Dark. The T-Rex was really cool. The babies were so cute.    The dancing was really funny. The tree house spinning was amazing.” – Cash Ramsay

“I loved the singing. I liked all the flips. I think the dinosaur eggs were so cute. I liked the magic and dancing.” – Kayli Spears-Morgan

“I liked at the end when they danced to the song. I liked when they were flying.”

– Brandon Rogers

“My favorite part was when the T-Rex came out and when everyone was dancing. I enjoyed the play.” – Reagan Powell

“I liked the T-Rex when he roared at all the other animals.” – Gavin Morgan

“I liked when the babies hatched. The trees liked to dance around.” – Ce’Airee Watkins

“I liked the costumes. The T-Rex was big, mega big.” – Romar Kyle Nanoz

“I liked the part when the tree spun and they were hanging on tight so they wouldn’t fall off.” – Austin Wyatt

“The characters of Jack and Annie were great. I could not stop staring. They knocked my socks off. The dinosaurs were good. I liked when all the dinosaurs came out.” –Blake Fero

“I think Jack did the best because he was brave to get his bag when the T-Rex was looking at all the animals, Jack, and Annie. They did something to the dinosaur to make him leave and he left the tree house.” – Brandon Tavira


“The best thing about the play was that Jack and Annie were played by Garrett and Berkley. Another thing I liked was the fabulous singing. I wonder how they remembered all of the lines.” – Brendan Sidden

“I loved your T-Rex, Joe Cornacchione. I loved how you moved that dinosaur. I loved how your friends made their costumes.” – Gage Ludwick

“I think Annie and Jack did a great job acting. I think it was one of the best and I have seen a lot.” – Lyndsey Hall

“I loved all of the characters. I loved Annie, Jack, Henry, Hemlock, and all the others. I loved it. It was fabulous.” – Gracelyn Thomas

“It was so cool when the T-Rex stomped it’s big feet. Annie was so funny and Jack too. I loved that show.”– Sawyer Henderson

“Jack was a great actor. Annie was a good singer. I liked Henry’s costume.”– Alexander Tavira

“I liked the play. The best actor was Jack. The play was so good. Every actor was good. I liked when they sang the songs. The T-Rex was cool.”– Mark Brown

“Jack and Annie were amazing. The costumes were fabulous. It was the best play I have ever seen. They had great actors. It was awesome when the tree house spun. I don’t know how they remembered all those lines.” – Dylan Parrish

“Jack was really brave. The actors were really great.”– Colt Melton

“My favorite part was when the T-Rex attacked.”– Jayden Mills

“I liked the T-Rex because he was trying to get Jack and Annie. I liked the part when they danced with the music. The best part was the front flips.”– Clayton Bumgarner

“I liked the people who acted as Jack and Annie. I think their singing was great. I wish I could dance as good as they did. They all did an excellent job. I think both of them had a great hair-do!” – Millie Ingersoll

“Garrett, you are a very, very, good actor. I have never seen a great actor like you. I would like it if you could see my play. Annie, you were a good actress too.” – Ta’Lia Thompson

“I think the T-Rex did a great job scaring Jack and Annie and chasing them into the tree house. I liked when the T-Rex was trying to eat Jack and Annie.” – Kaedan Everhart