Salisburians attend district, national UDC conventions

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ed and Sue Curtis and Nancy Sloop, all of Salisbury, attended the 121st Annual General Convention of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, November 6-10, in Richmond, Va.

There were nearly 400 registrants, with approximately 30 from North Carolina. Sue Curtis served as delegate for the Robert F. Hoke Chapter No. 78 and Sloop served as pianist for the installation of officers.

Sue Curtis and Sloop attended the business sessions, and Ed Curtis joined them for Friday’s Historical Evening, Saturday’s Presidents Evening and Sunday’s Memorial Service and Tea at the UDC headquarters. Special guest at the Tea was a descendant of CSA President Jefferson Davis.

The same trio attended the 118th Annual North Carolina Division UDC Convention, October 1-4, in Durham. Salisbury’s Hoke Chapter President Sue Curtis, an honorary division president, presented the tribute to Confederate Veterans at the Annual Memorial Service. As Division Sesquicentennial chairman, she reported on the lectures she arranged this year plus the sales of the Sesquicentennial pins. She also gave the report on War Governor John W. Ellis’s burial site.

Sloop, chapter recorder of Military Service Awards, served as pianist for events Thursday through Saturday. The Windsong Recorder Ensemble, which included Sloop, performed patriotic music at the Historical Evening where six veterans of World War II, the Global War on Terror and the Vietnam War received medals. Honorary Associate Member Ed Curtis, a past recipient of a UDC Cross of Military Service, served as a member of the Color Guard.

The Hoke Chapter was recognized at the Division Convention with a Superior Chapter Award plus nine additional awards for its historical, educational and patriotic work. The chapter’s Auxiliary Chapter of the Children of the Confederacy, named for Col. Charles F. Fisher, received a Honor Roll Certificate.

Sue Curtis, district director for chapters in Salisbury, Albemarle, Concord, Mooresville, Statesville and Winston-Salem, accepted district awards for projects in education and music.