Published 6:06 am Thursday, November 13, 2014

Here are the deeds from the Rowan County Register of Deeds Office for the period ending Oct. 15, 2014.

Atwell Township

Kannapolis Real Estate Agency to Mark Fullbright and wife, $17,500

Mark Bryan Hartsell and wife; and Sheila Freeze to Mark Alexander Hall and wife, $25,000

Bobby Lynn Wilhite, executor of the estate of Annie C. Wilhite; Ray Neal Wilhite and wife; Patty Sue Wilhite Baker and husband; Randy Wilton wilhite and wife; Zannie Dean Wilhite and wife; and Bobby Lynn Wilhite and wife to Anthony Garland Frampton, $525,000

Jimmy H. Puckett and wife to Amanda P. Duffell, $28,500

Dustin McClure and wife to Christopher Wright and wife, $32,000

Rhonda P. Whitlow and husband to Armino Pererez Perez and Griselda Lujan Ramirez, $15,000

PCT and AST Limited Partnership to DJ Crawford Farms LLC, $588,000


China Grove Township

Jean Speight Poplin to Graham Tyler Davis, $60,000

Trina Down Szekely, executor of the estate of Gilbert Roland Smith, to Dimitrios Rousis, $61,000

Shea Castlebrook, LLC to Shea Real Estate Investments, $40,000

Craf Development LLC to True Homes LLC, $50,000

U.S. Bank National Association to Arturo Sanchez and wife, $58,000

Diane McCombs Fink; Brian Keith Fink and wife; and Jennifer Fink Blake and husband to Christopher Hamm, $70,000

Michael Venedaal to Robert Craig Weaver and wife, $120,500

Craft Development, LLC to True Homes LLC, $50,000

Charles R. Harrington to Wayne C. Brewer and wife, $260,000

Premier Holding Company to Isaac Z. Tyndall and wife, $153,000

Brenda Sue Brooks to Brent W. Engelhardt and wife, $34,000

Watthew Linker and Whitney Linker to Martha Wiatek, $130,000

Linda Simmons to Leslie Herring, $15,000

Gary Johnson and wife to Jonathon Wilhoit, $14,000

Patricia Walters to Hannah Gangier, $55,000

Thomas F. James Jr. and Jeannie Reid to Kenneth C. Gordon and wife, $222,000

Zackie L. Moore to Richard Lee Moore, $117,000

Shea Investment Fund to Margaret A. Blythe, $192,000

Shea Investment Fund to Lindsey K. Fuller and Avery C. Fuller, $184,500

Joel P. Ervin and wife to Joel S. O’Guin and wife, $135,000

Charles T. Barnes and wife to Michael Gore, $166,000

John W. Drye and wife to L.A. Carter Properties, $118,000

Shea Real Estate Investments LLC to Ashley E. Fleming and Troy L. Fleming, $383,500

Mary Lee Ritchie to Terrence Clayton Thomas and wife, $115,000

David Lamar Fortson II to James William Gruntz and wife, $74,500


Cleveland Township

TAP Financial, LLC to Jamie Lee Travis and wife, $41,000

Dianne B. Davis and husband and Linda B. Brooks and Janice B. Lail and Randy W. Boyd to Tony Nations and wife, $20,000

Jimmy Lefler and wife to N.C. Department of Transportation, $6,200

Annetta Traore to Shaver Family Limited Partnership, $48,500

Annie Moseley, trustee under the Robert Thomas Moseley Living Trust, to Joshua Melchor and wife, $30,000

Clifford Showmaker to Brett Alan Wilhelm, $60,000

Margi P. Hartsell to Cathy Bowles, $10,000

Anthony James Pedulla to Jeffrey John Brooks Jr., $160,000

Kathleen S. Caci to Ruth S. Seaman, $30,000


Faith Township

Sally Baldwin and husband to Roberta Snyder and husband, $166,500


Franklin Township

Cynthia A. Ramsey and husband to James Lee Ellis and wife, $95,000

Ruth Conner to Richard Gregory Dun, $65,000

Betty Dehart to Rachel Wilson, $160,000

Tony Oliphant and wife to Joshua Thompson and wife, $147,000

Kaja Holdings 2 LLC to Allen Wayne McLaughlin II, $33,500

Nelda F. Hodges to Christine Y. Brown and husband, $75,000


Gold Hill Township

Sylvia Sofley to Warren Snowden, Jr. and wife, $130,000

Wesley Ridge Inc. to Rebecca Hooks and Scott Smith, $125,000

Citizens South Bank to Reed Allen Jones and wife, $12,000

Dennis Barger and wife to Jeffrey Burleyson and wife, $28,000

Woodrow W. Moore and wife to Christopher A. Betancourt and wife, $172,000

ABM Property Holdings LLC and Amy Daniels, individually to Amy Daniels, $15,000

Bank of America to Kurt Daniel Misenheimer, $82,000


Litaker Township

Sue Rodgers and husband to Windswept Farms, $354,000

Susan R. Beniot to Bank of America, $103,500

Bradley E. Eagle and wife to Dustin Necaise and wife, $65,000


Locke Township

Tamara Reid and husband to Efrain Mejia-Pacheco, $124,000

Wendy Leatherman Keziah and Patricia Orkins to Jose Jesus Nieto and Wife; and Richardo Ocampo, $150,000

Community One Bank to Brad D. Brady and wife, $70,000

Laura Jerman McCraven and spouse to John Levecque Jr., $218,500

Lynn Nan Jacobi to Donald R. Hester Jr. and wife, $177,500

Richard Wayne Gould and wife to John E. Breslin, $140,000

Richaele A. Sharpe to Chad F. Stepanian and wife, $285,000


Morgan Township

Paul Leigh and wife to Harold Sechler, $141,000

Michael Stewart and wife to David Griffths and wife, $45,000

Roy Wesley Cook and wife to Joshua Cook, $140,000


Mount Ulla Township

Charles Reed III and wife to Grayson Stamey, Jr. and wife, $201,000

Dale C. Watkins and wife to Daryl Hartsell, $190,000


Providence Township

John T. Hudson, administrator of the estate of Rosie Lee Turner to Mary Lowe, $20,000

Beulah Hoffner and Edward Eugene Hoffner and wife to Michael Moore and wife, $45,000

Nobil LLC to Luke Foster Allman and wife, $25,000

Nathaniel McMahon to Dolores A. Shannon and husband, $215,000


Salisbury Township

Lynn Jacobi to Deborah Cobb, $117,000

Gregory C. Culp and wife to James E. Gobbel and Paula Yost Wilder as joint tenants with right of survivorship, $115,000

Montie L. Mills and wife and Sheila Livengood and husband and Donna M. Goding and husband and Froest Mills and wife and Dennis Mills and wife to Walter Quillman and Nancy Quillman, $53,000

Charles Munday and wife to Karen Gulliford, $155,000

Terijon Properties LLC to Michell Jamison, $42,500

Bette Pollock to Melissa Noelle Welch, $136,500

William Porter and wife; Diane Porter Liscum and husband; Brenda Porter Morrison and husband to Charles Thomas, Jr., $87,000

Kump Investments, Inc. to Daren Eugene Turner, $65,000

Bengey Robert Hill and wife to Patricia Lorene Lewis, $40,000

Terry Cassell to Cami Stevens, $64,500

Lonnie Carpenter, Jr., as a co-executor of the estate of Josephine Carpenter; Sara Carpenter Edwards, and husband; and Julia Carpenter Huntley and husband, $70,000

Robert Nanace and wife to Graeme Taylor, $11,500

Nancy Alexander Mathis to Dorothy Debeaumont and husband, $120,000

Tobert S. Myers to Valerie Myers, $1,000

Carla Chanderl Crowell and husband; and Donna Chandler Boyette and husband, $200,000

Timothy Wayne Pittman and wife to Jason Hill and wife, $177,000

Ann Wilson Savran to James Austin Davis, $310,000

Famers and Merchants Bank of Granite Quarry to Ideal Property Investment Options, $20,000

Sunrise Investments Inc to Peter Antosek and wife, $24,000

Habitat For Humanity of Rowan County to Celena Sue Evans, $101,000

Frances Joy Lucas to CJ Heidel and wife, $11,000

Spark Glass LLC to Steadfast Capital Management, $43,000

Linda Sue Moss and Charles Wayne Wickline and wife to Steadfast Capital Management, $40,000

Darling C. Bestman to Adolphus P. Bestman, $7,000

Palmer W. Cook to Johnnie W. Lambert , $28,000

Charles Daniel Stamper to Park Front Rentals LLC, $47,000

Park Sterling Bank to Stuart T. Perkins and wife, $16,000

Boardwalk Partners to Livingston College, $4 million

Joe M. Smith to Morgan Rentals LLC,

Brenda Dianne Watson Eller to Jessie Blackwell, $88,500


Scottish Irish Township

Lamar Not and wife to David Nolt, $140,000


Steele Township

Robert Taylor Shinn, Sr. and wife to Waggoner Manufacturing Co., $164,000