United Way campaign nears finish line

Published 10:25 am Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wee Haw!

The phrase has taken over Rowan County the last two months as the Rowan County United Way annual fundraising campaign has been making the push to reach its goal.

The campaign started in September and to date has raised more than $1.82 million — nearly 97 percent of its $1.879 million goal.

Three divisons, Presidents, Industrial 2 and Commercial 2, have already surpassed their marks for the campaign.

Freightliner in Cleveland has contributed $630,000 to the campaign — employee donations were matched by the company.

“Wee Haw!” is part of this year’s campaign theme. The campaign motto is “Raised Here. Stays Here. Shared Here.”

Greg Dunn, the campaign chair, urged the crowd at Cloninger Ford Wednesday for the report meeting to finish the “marathon” strong and make sure they reach their goal.

A marathon is 26.2 miles, he said, and you need to do that last 0.2 miles.

Jackie Harris, with the Rowan County United Way, said, “We sincerely appreciate everyone’s support of the campaign. However, we do have a little more to go. While the large accounts are important to us, so are the individuals and the smaller campaigns. In order for us to make our goal, it is critical we get these accounts in. Everyone is important to our success.”

The 15 local agencies the United Way funds: American Red Cross, The Arc Rowan, Boy Scouts, Communities in Schools, Families First, Family Crisis Council, Literacy Council, Meals on Wheels, Rowan Rescue Squad, Rufty-Holmes Senior Center, Salvation Army, Trinity Living Center, Vocational Opportunities, Youth Services Bureau and the Hurley Family YMCA.

The names drawn Wednesday to be finalists for the drawing for a free car at the last meeting were: Jeremy Floyd with Freightliner, Louis Kraft with Rowan Vocational Opportunities and Dawn Lohman with Dilliards Distribution Center.

The final meeting is Nov. 14 at the J.F. Hurley Family YMCA on Jake Alexander Boulevard at 12 p.m.

The other nine finalists for a free car are: Nancy Goodson with Rufty-Holmes Senior Center, Louise Klaver with Rowan County YMCA, Susan Musselman with Rufty-Holmes Senior Center, Sean Ingram of Freightliner, Nancy Goodnight of Millbridge Elementary, Rachel Mobley of Family Crisis Council, Thomas O’Kelly with Rowan County Code Enforcement, Angie Robinson with Freightliner and Carole Croshaw with Rowan-Salisbury School System.

Totals as of Wednesday’s report meeting:

Division                                         Total raised                       Percent of Goal

• Presidents                                   $740,218                                137 percent

• Chairmans                                  $184,815                                65

• Industrial 1                                 $48,084                                 85

• Industrial 2                                 $56,823                                 110

• Commercial 1                             $37,643                                  65

• Commercial 2                            $101,250                                100

• Commercial 3                            $75,850                                  87

• Public Employees                     $114,689                                78

• Education                                   $146,757                                83

• Community Business               $4,943                                    33

• Professionals                             $92,174                                  85

• Special Gifts                               $148,100                               95

• Agribusiness                              $4,652                                    46

• Miscelaneous                             $57,301                                 61

• SWAT $7,621

• Totals                                           $1,820,927                           96.9