The week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:39 am Sunday, November 2, 2014

1. Cress and Lori Goodnight recently installed solar panels at their home in Salisbury. Why is it a good time for residential homeowners to consider going solar?

A. Over the next 25 years, because of the tilt of the earth, North Carolina and this region in particular will be having more sunny days

B. Because climate change will make North Carolina warmer and the sun a more reliable energy source in coming years

C, State and federal tax credits are making solar energy more affordable

D. Many grants are available from Duke Energy for people to pay the up-front costs of solar-panel installation

2. Jo Ponds, who has worked at Wendy’s restaurants for 35 years, most of them on East Innes Street, has tried to follow two rules at work. What are they?

A. Rule No. 1: Get to work early. Rule No. 2: Leave work late

B. Rule No. 1: The customer is always right. Rule No. 2: If you think the customer is wrong, see Rule No. 1

C. Rule No. 1: Service with a smile goes far. Rule No. 2: Farther than you think

D. Rule No. 1: A good attitude is like kudzu — it spreads. Rule No. 2: Don’t blame the cow when the milk goes sour

3. Which one of these streets has never been chosen for the Salisbury Community Appearance Commission’s Blockwork Project?

A. North Long Street

B. West Horah Street

C. South Shaver Street

D. East Franklin Street

4. Kannapolis announced last week that a company will be building a distribution center at the Afton Ridge Business Park and creating 275 new jobs in five years of operation. What company is it?

A. Frito-Lay

B. Macy’s

C. Mahaffey Brothers

D. Gordon Food Service

5. Construction could begin as early as December on a new retail complex in Rowan County at Summit Corporate Center. Where is Summit Corporate Center?

A. At Interstate 85 and N.C. 152

B. At I-85 and Lane Street

C. At I-85 and Julian Road

D. At I-85 and Old Union Church Road

6. Two tenants already are penciled in for the retail complex at Summit. What are they?

A. Hobby Lobby and Dick’s Sporting Goods

B. Best Buy and JC Penney

C. Target and Macy’s

D. Men’s Wearhouse and Home Depot

7. What nationally known Republican was scheduled to be in Salisbury last Tuesday campaigning for U.S. Senate candidate Thom Tillis, when his plane was delayed and he couldn’t make it?

A. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

B. Texas Gov. Rick Perry

C. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush

D. U.S. Sen. John McCain

8. Over its lifespan, the former Philip Morris plant in Concord made billions of cigarettes. Now the Alevo Group, a start-up company, is moving into the massive plant, intending to make what?

A. Skin-care products

B. Aspirin

C. Cellphones

D. Batteries

9. Since 1995, Lt. Gen. Lawrence Snowden (Ret.-Marine Corps) has organized an annual World War II-related reunion in which Japanese and U.S. participants meet where?

A. Hiroshima

B. Nagasaki

C. Iwo Jima

D. Pearl Harbor

10. Beth Newlands Campbell has stepped down as president of Food Lion. Who is the new president?

A. Kevin Holt

B. Meg Ham

C. Cathy Green Burns

D. Christy Phillips-Brown


1. C. The tax credits make the up-front costs of installing solar panels more affordable.

2. B. Ponds says the customer is always right.

3. A. Over four years of Blockwork Projects, North Long Street has never been chosen, the others mentioned have.

4. D. Gordon Food Service is the largest privately owned food service distributor in the country.

5. C. The county-owned Summit Corporate Center is located at I-85 and Julian Road.

6. A. Dick’s Sporting Goods and Hobby Lobby have been identified as anchors for the new retail complex, which initially will have 151,000 square feet of available space.

7. D. McCain was supposed to join Tillis during his stop at Thelma’s Down Home Cooking, where veterans meet every Tuesday for free coffee.

8. D. Alevo Group hopes to build large batteries designed to help power companies save energy and work more efficiently.

9. C. The 20th Joint Reunion of Honor on Iwo Jima in March 2015 will attract about 280 people. The 70th anniversary of the Iwo Jima battle is next year.

10. B. Ham will be Food Lion’s third president in two years.