Delivery service literally brings home the bacon

Published 1:28 am Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Salisbury woman says she has the answer for the people who say they don’t have enough time to get everything done.

Karen Hicks owns Rollin Delivery, an errand and food-delivery service she operates out of her home on Bringle Ferry Road. She takes orders over the phone and through her website, picks up whatever it is the customer wants and delivers it to their home.

Hicks put her business website,, together herself using, a web-hosting company.

“I just had to learn as I went along,” she said about building the website. She also reaches customers through her Facebook page.

For errands, such as grocery shopping and doing laundry, she charges $15 an hour. For food delivery, it’s $7 for a single order from a restaurant or $3 per order for four or more orders from the same restaurant.

Customers can pay with cash or online using Hicks’ PayPal account. She offers discounts for people over 60.

“I just enjoy the work. I enjoy driving,” Hicks said.

She said she likes working from home, which gives her plenty of time for her favorite hobby, cleaning.

Hicks, who grew up in Granite Quarry and graduated from East Rowan High School, is married and has three sons. When her children were young, she ran a daycare, called “Small Wonders,” out of her home. For the past eight years she has been a nurse’s assistant, working in nursing homes and taking care of patients at their own homes.

She currently works as a homecare nurse for Maxim Healthcare Services.

She balances Rollin Delivery with her nursing work, most of which happens in the morning, she said, adding that many of her patients are veterans, whom she enjoys working with.

Hicks, 42, said part of her job as a nursing assistant is picking up prescriptions for her patients. Doing that gave her the idea to start Rollin Delivery a couple of years ago. But her first call was from a courier service, Complete Delivery Solution.

“My very first call was for a contract company, and I hadn’t really considered that,” Hicks said.

She said most of the orders she takes through Complete Delivery Solution are for prescriptions or small packages, and that she has gone as far as Greensboro for deliveries.

For Rollin Delivery, she said, the amount of calls she gets varies. “Some months it may be busy, and some months it may be slow,” she said.

Her first food order was to deliver a pizza to a lady who lived way down Bringle Ferry Road outside of Salisbury and couldn’t get delivery from the pizza place.

Most of her customers either don’t have a car or are immobile, Hicks said, adding that the majority of her orders are for food delivery.

She said a lot of older people call her to have food delivered from Blue Bay, a seafood restaurant.

She said the strangest delivery she’s made was when she went to Lowe’s in Concord to pick up a propane tank for a customer in Cabarrus County,

And, believe it or not, people have called her to pick up a single pack of cigarettes.

“They want their cigarettes, you know. I don’t mind,” she said.

People have to say how old they are when they order cigarettes, Hicks said, and she checks their ID when she arrives at the home.

She doesn’t deliver alcohol.

She uses a Ford Expedition for orders around town and a Kia Optima for longer deliveries. She tracks her mileage and keeps receipts from all orders.

Her children are teenagers now, and if they’re with her in the car when she gets a call they can tag along or she’ll drop them at home if they want. Her oldest son, Nicholas, is 17 and occasionally helps with deliveries, she said.

Hicks said she hopes to start getting more calls to do grocery shopping, and that she’s trying to get customers from the office-lunch crowd.

“I’ve learned a lot and I’m learning more, you know, all the time. I would say it’s successful. I want it to be bigger of course, but right now I think I’m doing pretty good,” she said.

Rollin Delivery’s number is 704-433-6272.