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Letters (10-29-14)

What enforcement?

I am writing about the article in the Oct. 17 Post, “Workshop covers areas of concern over local housing.” It talked about over 800 vacant houses and trash and crime being higher in those areas. Chris Branham said a study was done in 2011. But the problem is still not fixed. Talk is cheap. Why isn’t the problem fixed?

I have contacted Code Enforcement about a trash problem in Westwood. They have been informed about the problem for over seven years. The problem still is not fixed. They seem to have a problem with the owner of most of the houses in Westwood.

Back in May, there was trash dumped by one of Westwood’s renters on someone else’s property. Mr. Branham told me that the property owner where the trash was dumped would be responsible for that clean up. They found names and addresses of the people that dumped the trash, but nothing was done to them or the owner. So what I took from that comment is that if someone dumps trash on you, you are responsible for the clean up. So why do we need Code Enforcement? Is it to protect the criminals and downgrade the good people?

— Charles Black


Granite has Sock-gate

In a time when North Carolina ranks roughly 21st out of the 50 states in public education and Rowan County in particular has 34 percent of students who tested at or above grade level in reading and 32 percent at or above grade level in math according to the N.C. School Report Card for grades 3-8, imagine my surprise at receiving a notice from our school administration regarding of all things, wait for it….SOCKS.

But not just any socks, socks with stripes.  Evidently there have been no complaints, no disruptions in class, no hindering of a child’s education due to wearing socks with stripes, but families all over Granite Quarry were given one school day’s notice and are expected to rush out and purchase all new socks for their students because of a mid-year “clarification” of our school’s dress code policy.

Mind you, there is no mention of socks in the RSS systemwide dress code policy, nor has there ever been in the Granite Quarry Elementary School dress code policy.  The current Granite Quarry dress code policy was revised and approved April of 2014 by the School Improvement Team, of which I just happen to be a member.

As taxpayers and more importantly parents, we simply deserve better.  Is it any wonder that the state of education is what it is, if the administrators of today have nothing more pressing to address than micro-managing the socks my 8-year-old wears to school?

Obviously, at this point it is no longer about the socks. Oh, we do like our socks with stripes “on this end of the county,” but we also expect and appreciate school administrators who focus on pertinent issues that serve in educating our students, rather than on unilateral and arbitrary edicts that alienate the very families that help to keep the school running.

— Heather Dyer

Granite Quarry

Prophecy is playing out

The following is a letter written immediately after the re-election of Barack Obama in November 2012, printed by the Farmville Herald, Virginia:

“Today’s obituary: It is sad indeed to report the demise and untimely passing of the U.S.A. Her health had been on a steady decline since November of 2008. During her long, prosperous and blessed life of 236 years she had led the world in compassionate power and wealth. She literally saved the world from destruction several times at an enormous cost financially, as well as millions of American lives; and from the take-over of communism, as well as various other serious threats. It should also be noted that her world-wide respect as a super-power had degenerated to unbelievable levels since 2008.

“This past year a pair of specialist (Drs. Romney and Ryan) were brought in to save her, but a majority of her people refused treatment, and had the plug pulled (by Dr. Obama) on her life support on November 6, 2012. An unadorned headstone in Chicago reads simply:


“July 4, 1776 – Nov. 6, 2012


“Euthanized by a majority of well meaning, but sorely misguided, citizens who prefer European Socialism. — R.B.”

That letter now seems prophetic.

Kay Hagan is reminiscent of an impala streaking across an African plain with a cheetah in hot pursuit, fleeing – in panic mode — from her voting record with Obama in 24 of every 25 opportunities presented.

The perfect team — Obama/Hagan! IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Secret Service, Golf during terrorist beheadings of Americans, Syria, debt, Obama-Care, Borders, Solyndra, gun control, religious rights, Middle East burning, bowing to Arabic kings, and “the hits keep on coming.” Run hard, Kay. Something may be gaining on you!

— Randy Biggerstaff


Choose new leadership

I’d like to say a few words about Travis Allen, who is running for the school board.

I know Travis, and when he showed me the latest numbers, I was shocked. Twenty years ago, 57 percent of our third- through eighth-graders were reading at grade level. Now it’s only 34 percent. But the current school board is still only worried about politics, so they’re more worried about building a new central office than concentrating on the schools themselves. Not one child will be taught anything in this new office, so not one child will benefit. Not at all. The current school board has let the last three superintendents walk all over our teachers, and this has destroyed their morale.

I think it’s time for some new leadership, someone who is not a puppet of our corrupt politicians. Please vote for Travis Allen for the school board.

— Kathy Yost


Elect a man of honesty

It is with strong conviction that we support Raymond Coltrain for county commissioner. Cast your vote for him knowing that he is a man of unquestionable honesty and integrity while possessing a sense of fair mindedness for all of us. His agenda is and will be our agenda. He is aware of all the services this great county has to offer. He is committed to all and not just some.

He recognizes the needs of the disenfranchised and the needs of our children. He holds education in high esteem and will work cooperatively with the Board of Education. He has the ability to listen, show respect and will work with all government agencies in the county.

He has a good relationship with the Salisbury City Council and the other municipalities in this county and will work in partnership with them to achieve a better life for all of us.

A vote for Raymond Coltrain is a vote to right our ship and to restore the good name of Rowan County. He has the benefit of an ethical mind and an extensive educational background. We can vouch for him. We know that Raymond Coltrain will be very effective in the leadership role of county commissioner .

— Brenda and Franco Goodman


Alliance message wrong

Shame on you, Rowan Alliance Inc., for saying Phil Hardin is a puppet of Jim Sides. Lies like this are one of the main reasons the average person wants nothing to do with politics.

I personally would never want to vote for a puppet of Jim Sides, but knowing you lied about Mr. Hardin, I have to wonder if you are also lying about Mr. Hunter and Mr. Allen. One thing this voter knows for sure, I would never take your group’s advice about any candidate because of this lie.

I don’t know what the Rowan Alliance is or who the members are, but, all candidates should run from your group as fast as they can until you clean up your act. Try offering voters smart, intelligent information about what qualifies candidates for the offices they are running for. And stop lying.

— Brenda Miller


Literacy available for all

I am a volunteer tutor with the Rowan County Literacy Council and have been for many years. We help adults with poor reading skills to “catch up” so they can fill out job application forms, effectively read newspapers or magazines and do all the things that most people take for granted.

Many people are unaware that studies have shown there are thousands of adults in Rowan County who are not functionally literate. Clearly, such people suffer a tremendous handicap in many ways, both for themselves and by depriving society of their potential contributions.

Between 40 and 50 tutors with the Literacy Council are working to help solve this problem and we are very much obliged for the vital financial help we receive from the Rowan County United Way. All our tutors are volunteers in an effort to hold down costs but, inevitably, there are expenses, and the help we receive from United Way goes a long way to keep our agency viable.

I encourage everyone to support the current United Way campaign so that our effort to achieve adult literacy in Rowan County can continue to open new possibilities for more and more people.

— Clyde Harriss


One gives clear answers

While attending the luncheon at Rufty-Holmes Senior Center on Thursday, I was both stumped and stewed.

There were eight tables set up for the hopefuls, but two of those were empty.  There was one table where the light was on but nobody was home. So that left only five tables to visit.

At four of those tables is where I got stumped. I could not understand the answers I got from the questions I asked. I’m still stewing from most of the answers. Only one candidate gave straight answers, so I would like to endorse him at this time — Mr. Gene Miller.

My other two picks are for Rick Locklear and Chris Cohen, because we didn’t have to endure each other.

— Richard Brisbin


Elect a decision maker

First I would like to thank all candidates who have stepped forward to run for county commission. Each and every one has put themselves in the forefront and believe that their input will benefit  Rowan County. Win or lose, I applaud you.

I would encourage all eligible voters to get out and express your right to vote.

Greg Edds is a self-employed businessman who makes decisions each day in the best interest for his clients, and as a self-employed businessman myself, decisions are a major part of our  business lives. Passion, enthusiasm, energy and the desire to make all aspects of our county better — I believe Greg Edds will do his best to serve our county. He is a decision maker! Please vote.

— Bill Godley


Persuaded by the truth

When voting for Rowan County District Court judge this year, look no further than Ted Blanton.

Ted Blanton has the experience and common sense we need on the bench in Rowan County.

Ted Blanton’s record and experience speaks for itself. Ted Blanton is a straight forward, down to earth dedicated “family man” who understands that people have problems in their life and is willing to listen and show compassion.

Vote Ted Blanton 2014 Rowan County District Court judge, a man persuaded by the truth, not by endorsement groups!

— Phillip Bradshaw


Keep court nonpartisan

I am writing to endorse James Randolph for District Court judge for Rowan County.

During my 17 years as a practicing attorney and 20 years as district attorney for Rowan County, I had ample opportunity to observe District Court. Judges who served the county well have several characteristics in common. Certainly legal ability, integrity and a strong work ethic are critical. But courthouse jobs, and particularly judgeships, must also be nonpartisan; all litigants must be treated the same, and the public must have confidence that judicial decisions do not bear the taint of partisan politics.

James Randolph possesses all the attributes of an excellent District Court judge. Please join me in supporting him on Election Day.

— Bill Kenerly



Letters endorsing candidates in the Nov. 4 election must be received in the Post newsroom by 5 p.m. Thursday to be published before the election.



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