Talkback: What readers say online about …

Published 1:48 am Friday, October 17, 2014

… Salisbury man charged in Spencer double murder

This young man’s parents did not raise him to be a criminal. All involved are victims, including him.

—Dedee Coffey

He killed two great men, he is not a victim.

— Travis Stamper

Sometimes the pull of the world is bigger than your best intentions. My heart goes out to the family. I hurt because I know they hurt. My prayers are with the family.

— Chi-Chi Ray-Leazer

… First same-sex couples receive marriage licenses

….and just when I thought that we would be the last State…. I am very proud of North Carolina for overcoming intolerance and accepting everyone!!! Congratulations to these two and to everyone else who can start to celebrate a new chapter!

— Maria Pannell

This is a day of shame. Shame that the Biblical standard is openly mocked. People who celebrate now will rue this, standing before another Judge, in another Court, as the books are opened.

— Stephen Owen

… DJs owner cited, charged with violating city noise ordinance

This story reminds me of a story of two old friends, Bill and Betty Carson.

One weekend their much younger neighbors were having a party … with loud music playing late into the night. The partiers thought they should go and check on Bill and Betty and see if the music was disturbing them. When they got to their home they found they had moved their car out into the driveway and were dancing to the music in their garage.

— Chris Shoaf

I live in the neighborhood surrounding Bank Street and I cannot hear any music. What about when they have live music on Fisher Street? Is anything being said? Leave the man alone and let him do his thing.

— Mildred Granford

I think Salisbury needs to set guidelines that are fair across the board .

— Raymond S. Kohn

… Peleliu: Forgotten battle of World War II

Perhaps the greatest memoir of WW2, “With The Old Breed,” by E.B. Sledge, is a great source for a first hand account of this battle.

— Mark Stephenson

I am a proud member of the 1st. Marine Division, and served in Vietnam ‘68 and’69. The same valor, pride and courage are still the life of the First Marine Division to this day and the future. Semper Fi to all my brothers.

— Ken Beck

… Farmhouse prepares to serve its last meal

Sad to hear about FarmHouse Restaurant closing down … This was my very first job at age 16 and I will always have good memories of this place!

— Jennifer McKeithan

Denise Schindelholz! Thank you and Dan for coming here and serving great food and good people!

— Richard Plummer

I was just talking to my dad in the car about how much Salisbury had changed and keeps changing. I remember going here and getting Cheerwine floats with my grandma. I’m gonna miss it. Even though I haven’t eaten there in a while it’s still a Salisbury fixture.

— Madison Moore

Keep the Farmhouse, Close the Drug Store, there are too many already.

— Michael Swokowski

I hate to hear the business and especially the beautiful building will no longer exist.

— Libby Owens

… School board: Bible classes stay, curriculum to undergo evaluation

For once somebody did something right – Thank you

— C. Michael Williams

I know I will hear flack from my comment; however, if you want to learn about the Bible, that is what church is for. With our lower SAT scores, I feel it is in our schools’ best interest to teach subjects that will give our students meaningful jobs in the future.

— Jennifer Doering

When God created humankind in His image, idiots were not made. Stupidity is an act of free will. It is in all of our best interest for schools to prepare future generations for productive lives after schooling. I suspect that both of us will be getting flack.

— Reginald Brown