Student spotlight: Taniya Medlin

Published 1:44 am Thursday, October 16, 2014

Taniya Medlin is a fifth-grader at Isenberg Elementary School.

Age: 10

Family: Kelly Woods Medlin

Favorite food: Cheeseburgers

Favorite color: Red

Favorite animal: Horses

Favorite subject: Math

Favorite TV show: “Austin and Ally”

Favorite book: “A to Z Mysteries”

Favorite movies: “Hotel Transylvania”

Favorite game: Hide and go seek

Favorite sports team: Philadelphia Eagles

Hobbies: Playing Wii with her brother and sister, and spending time with Paw Paw

Dream vacation: Hawaii

Prized possession: Phone

Hidden talent: Singing

Three words that describe me: Smart, pretty and fun

Greatest accomplishment: Winning second place in the Isenberg Idol

Career goal: Teacher and a cheerleading coach. If that doesn’t work out, she wants to be a singer.

If I’m a millionaire by age 20, I’ll:  help out family