HSF luncheon gives guests inside look at OctoberTour

Published 2:04 am Monday, October 13, 2014

Some 40 guests attended the OctoberTour luncheon on Friday at St. Luke’s Parish Hall. These lunch-and-learn events include a facet about the annual tour, said Brian Davis, executive director of Historic Salisbury Foundation.

In 2012, guests learned about the gardens and the Wallace House, and last year, the topic was the Fulton-Mock-Blackmer House. On Friday, local artist Phyllis Steimel spoke about Plein Air Carolina’s participation in OctoberTour.

“It’s always a great bonus to see them working on the tour,” Davis said.

“It really does give us a very special venue,” Steimel said. “You’re out there where people can see what’s going on, and people are learning about the process of art. We love onlookers.”

She added, “This OctoberTour experience has gotten artists off the interstate and into Salisbury to see what treasures we have here.”

The group presented a show and reception on the Hall House lawn on Saturday afternoon.

OctoberTour concludes today from noon to 5:30 p.m.