Christina Joyce column: Doing what we love, loving what we do

Published 1:34 am Monday, October 13, 2014

By Christina Joyce

Special to the Post

“Doing what we love, Loving what we do!” is the phrase printed on the back of our newest organization-wide employee T-shirt. Each time I see someone wearing one of these shirts, I think how those two phrases sum up Trinity Living Center (TLC) perfectly.  Our employees, volunteers and supporters are 100 percent dedicated to serving the needs of our participants and enriching their lives in any way possible. The staff at TLC doesn’t go above and beyond each day for recognition, glory or for the pay; they do it because it’s their calling — it’s the only way they know to do their jobs. 

There are so many things to love about being part of Trinity Living Center: the friends and “family” we make in our participants and their loved ones, the amazing stories and history each of our participants has to bring to the table, the fun times and laughs we all get to share, seeing the artistic side of our participants come out at the most unexpected times and being able to positively impact and change lives. How many organizations can list these things as part of their “benefits package”? 

At Trinity Living Center, we provide care during the day, Monday-Friday, to frail elderly and disabled adults. The services provided at TLC allow participants to receive balanced meals (breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack), medical monitoring, socialization and a feeling of being a part of their community. Also available for participants are bathing, transportation and beauty shop/barber services. We provide respite for family members, who are frequently overwhelmed with the demands of providing care. Family members are often able to remain in the workforce or continue their education due to the day services offered at Trinity Living Center.  Without the services offered at TLC, some families would be forced to choose between being able to continue working or having to prematurely place their loved one in a long-term care facility.

In addition to keeping folks at home as long as possible, Trinity Living Center also offers something for participants to look forward to each day. At TLC, participants make friends and keep their social lives active and exciting. Whether it’s sitting and talking with a group of friends, making a special snack, participating in painting classes, zumba, going bowling, or any of the other stimulating and exciting activities we offer, there is always something going on to keep our participants happy and healthy.  We also make sure our participants feel connected to their community by participating in monthly community service projects that allow us to give back to the community by collecting school supplies for students in need, pet food and supplies for local animal shelters, snacks for the surgical waiting room at Novant Rowan, etc.

We hear from family members quite often who share the positive things their loved ones’ doctors have said about their condition after starting at Trinity Living Center. We don’t claim to be able to reverse or even slow down most of the conditions that our participants come to us with; however, we are able to offer a safe and caring environment for them to spend their days. Our staff is well trained in how to appropriately care and communicate with adults with dementia, mental health conditions and other disabilities. TLC is a place where you can leave your loved one for the day and not have to worry about his or her safety and well-being; our staff cares for our participants as if they were their own family members. 

We would not be able to do all we do and offer all of the special services we offer without the generosity of the Rowan County United Way.  The United Way has been a strong supporter, both financially and by helping raise awareness, of Trinity Living Center since 1994. We are proud to have the partnership we have with the Rowan County United Way. We not only have a special relationship with them, but through that have built a “community family” with the other Rowan County United Way agencies.   The funds raised by United Way do so much good in our community. Trinity Living Center is just one example, and although it may be the nearest and dearest to my heart, I assure you that each and every resident in Rowan County has been touched by one of the agencies in some way or another.  To keep all of the greatly-needed services in Rowan County operational and our community at its best, please support your Rowan County United Way.  Your donations, no matter what amount, make a huge impact on the agencies and our community as a whole.  Please send your donations to Rowan County United Way at 1930 Jake Alexander Blvd. W, Salisbury, NC 28147 or you can go to and set up your donation online.  All donations are greatly appreciated!

Christina Joyce is executive director at Trinity Living Center.