Letters to the Editor – Tuesday Oct 7, 2014

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Voters have chance to right a wrong
Four years ago, Gene Miller won his bid for county commissioner during the regular primary only to lose it to Craig Pierce and Mike Caskey in a forced run-off. The voters were complacent. We didn’t get out and vote during the run-off, and the price we have paid for our apathy has been high.
It isn’t often that a person gets a second chance to right a wrong, but this November we have an opportunity to do just that.
Get out and vote for Gene Miller. Gene is a highly qualified candidate. He has no hidden agenda. A vote for Gene is a vote for effective Rowan County government.
— Larry C. Bowyer
Most qualified
What qualities would you like to see in a county commissioner? Do you want someone who is honest, fair and open-minded, someone whose character is beyond reproach? Are you looking for a person who would work toward improvement in all aspects of our local economy, support our schools, and consider backing any effort to enhance the quality of life available to the citizens of Rowan County? Would you like to have a commissioner who is willing to work with people without having any agenda other than doing whatever he can to have a positive effect on your life, a leader who will bolster this area in every way to attract more industry and development, making intelligent non-biased informative decisions to improve your future?
Well then, cast your vote for the only candidate who offers all of that and more — Raymond Coltrain, an unaffiliated candidate for county commissioner!
— Sharon Whittington
Thank you, officers
Saturday Oct. 4, my husband and I were driving on U.S. 29 in Landis. We were making a right turn into a business parking lot when we were hit from behind and the other driver fled the scene, not caring whether or not my husband and I were injured. Thanks to Sgt. Kevin Young and Capt. Roger Hosey of the Landis Police Department, he was apprehended within 12 hours of the incident and charged.
My husband and I would like to publicly thank these two fine officers, our witness Mike Morse and anyone else who helped in any way.
— Ken and Teresa Cline
Deadline: The deadline for endorsement letters is 5 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 30.