Cobblestone revives driveway

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 6, 2014

When it was time to redo the cracked driveway of their 727 S. Fulton St. home, Will and Mary James didn’t just break out a few bags of cement.
Unh-uh. No way.
Or as Mary says, “My husband didn’t want stamped concrete or pavers. He wanted the real deal.”
He got it.
The couple decided on antique reclaimed cobblestone from Boston, which Mary located through a Google search. But to find someone to install the driveway, Mary went local. She needed someone meticulous, and she chose Medina Construction.
“These guys have been fantastic,” Mary gushes.
The company is owned by Rigo and Evelyn Medina.
“One of the things that sets us apart is our attention to detail,” Evelyn says. “Rigo is very detail-oriented. He was the right guy for the job.”
Rigo’s crew started work Aug. 28. First, they dug down to between 11 to 12 inches, to make sure the drive would be level. They added a layer of gravel, then sand and sand cement. Because the stones were different sizes and shapes, each one had to be laid in precisely.
It’s not unlike putting together a puzzle, Rigo notes.
When the stones are in place, they’ll add a layer of polymeric sand, a material which hardens but without cement.
The Medinas plan to be done with most of the 2,300-square-foot project by OctoberTour.
“With historic houses,” Evelyn says, “you need contractors who are meticulous and take their time. It’s been absolutely a great project for us.”