The week in review:

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 28, 2014

1. Salisbury City Council will consider contracting with a search firm to help with its hiring process for a new city manager. In 2011, when council was looking to replace David Treme as city manager, how much did a search firm cost?
A. $15,700
B. $27,700
C. $39,700
D. $51,700

2. Mike and Matt Slingerland, formerly of Rockwell, competed this past June in a national championship for what?
A. Fly fishermen
B. Barbecuers
C. Lumberjacks
D. Skateboarders

3. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt visited Salisbury for a day on Aug. 13, 1942. Why did she come?
A. She was filling in for President Franklin Roosevelt, who had planned to attend an annual meeting of the N.C. Democratic Party in Salisbury.
B. Her train broke down here on the way to Warm Springs, Ga., and she decided to tour the town and meet with as many people as possible during her delay.
C. The African Methodist Episcopal Zion conference was being held in Salisbury, and she was invited to address the group.
D. The N.C. League of Women Voters asked her to address its meeting at the Yadkin Hotel.

4. The Rowan County Chamber of Commerce held a countywide summit on literacy Friday morning. What percentage of Rowan’s adult population has a college degree?
A. 13.7 percent
B. 16.7 percent
C. 23.7 percent
D. 31.7 percent

5. When will early voting begin for the Nov. 4 general election?
A. Early voting has been done away with
B. Oct. 15
C. Oct. 17
D. Oct. 23
6. Charlotte developer Jeff Carroll of Tartan Residential Inc. has expressed interest in a possible $10 million redevelopment of the Empire Hotel on South Main in Salisbury. What does he propose for the property?
A. Making it a satellite campus for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
B. Creating upstairs apartments, a second-floor event area and first-floor retail space.
C. Converting it to a convention center and hotel.
D. Making it part boutique hotel, part bed and breakfast.

7. Until recently, 91-year-old Jack Jowers, a World War II veteran, had never told his family what secret from his days as an Army infantryman?
A. How he had survived a Japanese prison camp and more than a year in the jungles of New Guinea.
B. That he had married while overseas and that the woman he had married but never brought home was still alive.
C. That he was on the USS Missouri battleship when the Japanese signed an instrument of surrender, ending the war.
D. That he served as Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s top assistant during the liberation of the Philippines

8. In 1954, at a meeting held in C.W. Stiller’s store, folks in eastern Rowan County organized what?
A. The East Rowan Library
B. The East Rowan YMCA
C. The Granite Quarry Fiddlers’ Convention
D. The Rockwell Rural Fire Department

9. Charlize Clark, 6, may be the only girl in Rowan County who has what in her backyard?
A. A full-fledged ice cream parlor
B. A puppet amphitheater
C. A teepee
D. An Olympic-sized swimming pool with five racing lanes

10. This year’s OctoberTour will take place Oct. 11-12. How many years has Historic Salisbury Foundation provided an OctoberTour?
A. 17
B. 26
C. 33
D. 39