North Hills welcomes grandparents

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 25, 2014

On Sept. 19, the campus of North Hills Christian School was filled with love and laughter as more than 450 grandparents and special friends joined the students in junior kindergarten through fifth grade for the annual Grandparents and Special Friends Day.
Cher Shue’s junior kindergarten class greeted their special guests with hugs and excitement as they entered the classroom. Special guests were able to spend time working and playing in the centers, including the reading center, where the students read their favorite books with their special guest; the writing center, where the students shared their writing skills and, of course, the building block and craft center. For a few minutes, the special guests were able to step back in time and leave the stress of life behind them.
Elementary students in kindergarten through fifth grade allowed their guest to remember what it was like to start the school day. Students exemplified their respect and gratitude for the American flag, Christian flag and the Bible by saying their pledges and following with prayer.
Elementary classes shared various songs used to learn parts of speech, math and history facts, as well as the proper tense of Latin words in a sentence. The students also presented their guest with special poems, videos, songs and Bible verses expressing their love and appreciation for all they do for them.
As the special guests left the campus, they were full of smiles and tears as they told each other, students and teachers how much they appreciated this special time and most of all how blessed their grandchildren are to be in a Christian school where they are being prepared academically, socially and spiritually.
“We are so pleased our granddaughter is here at North Hill Christian School and is able to learn the foundations needed to be successful in life”, said the grandparents of first grade student Angela Rodriguez.
All grandparents were given a special handmade gift from the students as well as delicious snacks provided by the PTSF and grade moms.