Letters to the editor – Tuesday (9-23-14)

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Be a happy giver and support United Way
In case you haven’t noticed, there are thousands of permanently smiling faces surfacing around Salisbury and Rowan County.
Thanks to United Way Campaign Chairman Greg Dunn and his team of volunteers, “smiles on a stick” are now being distributed to Rowan County citizens in support of the 2014 campaign goal of $1,879,750 announced recently at the United Way kickoff.
“Be a Happy Giver — Give to Your United Way” is the new slogan being added to this year’s campaign by our volunteer staff. Our campaign theme of “Raised Here, Stays Here, Shared Here” stresses the importance of the United Way’s 15 member agencies and the many services they provide to over 73,000 citizens and families in need.
At a time when these needs are the greatest and your support may be more important than ever, we’re asking everyone to please step up, put on a smiling face and generously support your United Way campaign.
So please “Be a Happy Giver — Give to Your United Way!” It’s what we need to make Salisbury and Rowan County a better place for all of us.
— Ronnie Smith

A true moral test
I am writing to make you aware of an unacceptable situation at the Rowan County Animal Shelter on Julian Road.
It is my understanding that the shelter has an incredibly high kill rate for animals. The shelter has a holding period for animals, followed by just a 24- to 48-hour time when they can be adopted. If adoption time falls on a weekend or holiday, some of these animals have only a few hours for someone to come in and adopt them. The shelter is routinely putting kittens and puppies to sleep. In this day and age, that is just totally unacceptable and really reflects poorly on your community.
I understand that there are many problems facing county government; however, I think you are missing a huge opportunity to boost community relationships by not taking measures to correct what is happening at the shelter. Shelter staff obviously needs help to promote adoptable pets and better rules and regulations for adoption time frames. The community obviously needs a resource for low-cost spay and neuter programs and an incentive to actually use them.
A true moral test of humanity consists of its attitude to those who are at its mercy: animals. I live in a major metropolitan area that includes many large shelters that have transitioned to “no kill” shelters. I would think that if a major area such as mine can create a better way to treat and deal with the homeless animal problems, then a town of your size could do so as well.
I implore you to address this problem in your community. Not responding is a response. We are equally responsible for what we don’t do.
— Jennifer Simons
Seaford, Va.

Mall fate up in air
I have exhausted all efforts to try to locate the online poll regarding the zoning change for the Salisbury Mall, aka West End Plaza, to register my vote for City Council to deny the request. So here’s the full opinion: You and your minions are of the opinion that this purchase is a fait accompli — but it does not have to be so. Nothing further should be done with that property until the November elections have decided who is going to be running the county — and I would say that they (hopefully) will not be the pro-purchase candidates.
It is obvious that the Pierce-Caskey contingent are doing their darnedest to move in as many people as possible before the election to make it difficult to undo the purchase. I think that there are many people who agree with me: put that run down, worn out white elephant that will continue to be a tax drain on the citizens of Rowan County on the market, recoup what we can and cut our continuing losses. Save Salisbury.
— D.C. Sink
‘Golfing for Debbie’ success
On Sept. 13, the golfing community of Rowan County gathered at Corbin Hills Golf Course for the Debbie Plummer Memorial Golf Tournament. This was the 4th annual “Golfing for Debbie” event.
Debbie’s spirit and love for God, family and friends was the driving force for the event. We are proud and grateful to all who joined us to play golf, fellowship, eat and make this such a wonderful outing.
Many thanks to our major sponsors: Corbin Hills, R.H. Barringer Distributors, United Beverage, Cheerwine and Apple Ugly. With their help, proceeds from the tournament were given to three local families who face the same challenges as Debbie and Dale had.
Thanks to all individuals and companies who donated money, time and effort to make this event a success. Benefits from this tournament and many similar events held weekly shows that Rowan County is a caring and giving community!
— Perry VonCanon
The writer is treasurer of Bethel Lutheran Church.