Answers to 1D news quiz

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 21, 2014

1. B. The Welsh-born Thomas was known more for his poetry and prose. “Under Milk Wood” was the only play he authored.
2. A. Pierce said his tax proposal for bicyclists would require them to comply with the same rules as motorists.
3. D. Fishermen like to use as bait the caterpillars that eat the catalpa leaves.
4. B. The United Way has increased its goal by 3 percent over last year.
5. C. Edison came to Gold Hill in 1889 and inquired about purchasing its mines. He was experimenting at the time with a magnetic flotation device he hoped would aid in separating iron-ore deposits.
6. B. Sides cautioned that the shelter’s expansion could cost the county $150,000 a year, because it might require, among other things, at least two full-time employees and a number of part-time employees.
7. D. Campion calls her invention Swell No More.
8. D. Chestnut Hill has been a focus of revitalization efforts by Historic Salisbury Foundation.
9. A. Taylor Made refers to Taylor Knowles, who runs the business with her mother, Brandy Skok.
10. C. Barkemeyer has spent eight of her 15 years as a principal at West Rowan Middle School.