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Excellent editorial. Let’s hope the “powers that be” agree with this and decide to move forward and get this mall controversy behind us. Let’s move forward and not live in the past. Where’s my green fan or flag or whatever? Forward Rowan!
— Glenda Kearns

Who would buy anything without knowing whether you could use it legally? This is a situation where inexperienced buyers with no broker or legal advice were in a rush. Proper due diligence would have exposed this flawed zoning. What was the hurry? …
Going forward, the county should be allowed to use the building for certain uses but not others, a conditional district perhaps. One commissioner mentions putting the meth labs, confiscated drug vehicles and other junk out there. That’s not really going to mesh with retail, vets office and the election board.
— Victor Wallace

Sorry, but it wasn’t MINE when it had stores inside… And it sure isn’t mine now! I resent the current commissioners who voted to spend our tax dollars on that worn out piece of property (that will now come OFF the tax books because it’s owned by the county). … I feel our rights as tax payers were violated by the purchase not going to a public vote. Just how much money can the commissioners spend this way?
— Martha Bolman

It was purchased as a weapon. It will be used as a weapon, and those who see reason and sensibility where there is none will see the plywood going up all over downtown windows before this is over. A new Knox Middle School being erected on this site would heal this community and bring lots of traffic to the area. This is the solution. The county can still use the theater for the Veteran’s Service Office and Board of Elections.
— Todd Paris

I have a metaphor for you. A man comes along and says “I’m here to utterly ruin you,” and then comes back later, uses some “nicer” language and says “Hey pal, how about you help me screw you over, it will be a swell time,” and you’re supposed to go for it? Um … what?
— Korey Deese

This is an old argument that’s been proven in favor of cyclists time and time again because the government already knows the benefits of promoting bicycle transportation, and those opposed don’t have a leg to stand on.
— Eric Phillips

A tax and registration for bicycles? Go to You Tube and actually see what he said. Honestly, you’ll think it was an SNL skit/spoof, but it wasn’t! This is the quality, depth, and sense of priorities Rowan County exhibits to the state and nation,
— John T. Blair

What about all the people walking on the sidewalks for free? It cost money to build those sidewalks; we need to tax those people, maybe put up toll booths. Also we can add a 2 percent sales tax to all shoes sold in Rowan County to go towards sidewalks.
— Dennis Lunsford

Moped owners should pay property tax, register bikes and pay liability insurance, not bicycle owners.
— Vera Cope

Congratulations on your new employment and welcome to Rowan County. I hope you enjoy your stay and can be transparent in your dealings with the citizens of Rowan County. Best of luck in your dealings with the commission. I hope you can serve the people of Rowan County well, and not be at the whim of the commission.
— Mark Lyerly

I am all for this, we as a county need a no kill center, and all responsible parties need to have their pets spayed or neutered it would be a Great asset to the community.
— Charlene Faulkenberry

Thank you so much for the gift, Mrs. Morykwas. Animal lovers applaud your special gift from a very special person.
— Rodney Cress

Thank you for finally doing this. Mr. Jim Sides, this is the reason that we the people of Rowan County wanted you out. How dare you vote against this! That shelter has remained the same and has never changed
— Lynn Kesler

I am for this as well, but confused. There are so many successful volunteer programs to use as models to cut costs. One is Canine Cellmates. Go see what Sheriff Joe in Maricopa County in Arizona did with their county shelter by using inmates and moving the shelter to prison property. There’s another program in Georgia that does the same. I can’t understand why this county refuses to let people volunteer.
Volunteers along with shelter employees are the backbone to any shelter; our county needs to be more open minded and look at other successful programs and implement them.
— Rick Roper

Well if they would allow volunteers then that would cut down in expenses. If other shelters are able to have volunteers then Rowan can do it as well.
— Tiffany Teague

We don’t need to amend the Constitution; we need complete and honest history education in our public schools and colleges, as we did before liberals replaced education with their “dumbing-down” talking-points agendas.
­— Steve Pender

We do need to amend the Constitution so no one can vote that is on any welfare program unless they are proven to be physically incapable of work. If the sickness is mental, they should not vote … Any form of voter fraud is punishable by a minimum sentence of 20 years. And I don’t mean club fed.
— David Scully

What great ideas you have, David! Why stop with the poor and the mentally ill? Let’s have English literacy tests, poll taxes, males only, property-tax-paying only electorate. … Let’s get roving bands of concerned citizens to enforce voting laws. What a great plan! Yes, let’s have these bands able to provide instant justice to those who are not qualified to vote. You know, like the old days.
— Sally League

Amen! On Link Avenue (Across from the VA), many VA employees and VA patients walk daily (to the local restaurants, Food Lion, and the ABC store), and their trash, drink cups, cigarette packs and liquor/beer bottles are always lying up and down the three-block walking path. The city has cleaned the trash one time in two years, and this is when I complained last. … It is a shame and embarrassing to the community!
— Robin Ellison

When you are in the process of building a program, you take wins like that. … A win is a win. Good job, Coach Daryl Williams and coaching staff. Blue Bears, keep playing hard and smart. Remember, it’s a process; you are still learning and building. Congratulations on being 2-0.
— Darryl Montgomery

The Livingstone football team is on the move.
— Steve Wiggins


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