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Glad this is being put to rest, finally. This is just another example of Rowan’s reckless commissioners putting politics above the good of us taxpayers. Mr. Barber should not have made the copies, and Mr. Sides should have let him reimburse and apologize. Instead, they blew God only knows how much tax money on a protracted investigation and attorney consultations.
— Roy Bentley

100 counties in this state and ours provides comic relief for the state. Can we not get down to business and focus on bringing jobs to this county instead of bickering? I don’t know which is the worse — County Commissioners or the City Council.
— Piper McNeely

What adds even more interest to the “plot” — he did try to pay for the copies and the payment was refused. Further, a third party stepped forward and offered payment which was also refused.
— GeoRene Jones

My only question is, why is he still a commissioner? He has had multiple law infractions. Not exactly who I want representing Rowan. Too, for those of you who think this is frivolous, it is my understanding that it was multiple uses for thousands of pages.
— Crystal Gale

He was a thorn in the side of the board, had different ideas than everyone else, they had to “make an example” of him. That said, one of the reasons that the board is changing complexion after the elections.
— Gary L. Plumley

This is not real news. Why don’t you find something more important to report?
— Lesley Banks

This is why I so vehemently oppose the “arrest first, investigate later” mentality so prevalent today in law enforcement. It spurs officers to make the investigation fit the arrest instead of allowing the facts to reveal the offender. It’s further exacerbated by some prosecuting attorneys hell-bent on convictions rather than justice.
— Joel Johnson

Common sense is novel in a world gone mad.
— Steve Sofia

Now I have to be afraid of playgrounds and county buildings! Back to the wild west days!
— Jennifer Doering

Whether you believe this or not, this will actually make you safer.
— Ronnie Fulcher

You should have been afraid when the only people armed on the playgrounds and in county buildings were the criminals.
— Joe Wright
Now that we have this information, my question is, how many city of Salisbury employees are residents of the city limits of Salisbury? … And how many are not even residents of Rowan County at all?
— Cathy Basinger

To hire just for race is totally wrong, and diversity is not always the best answer. As long as an applicant is qualified, has the qualifications needed and a good work history, then no matter what color or race, that person should be seriously looked at for employment.
— Ken Beck

Infrastructure investments! Now, you’re talking. Smartest thing I’ve heard in quite a while!
— Ron Turbyfill

Infrastructure investment is a smart thing. It should have been done years ago when the federal government was willing to pay for most of it, but was voted down by the county …. Let’s have yet another study that will state its a good thing but it will cost major funding. And then it can be put on the back of the stove of things to do.
— Mark Lyerly

It makes sense to build the water plant first. That’s what industry usually wants. Eventually the water plant in Salisbury will have to be expanded anyway. There is no more room downtown. (That Actiflow structure should have really been built out near Ellis crossroads to begin with). The waste water plant is a different story. Wasn’t Grants creek designed to be the “regional” treatment center?
— Carl Prine

False allegations made solely by one pastor do not undo the good works of this entire church, especially when this was one of the only churches to take a stand against the liberal onslaught against our country and the Constitution’s guarantee of freedom and liberty.
— Steve Pender

The tax-exempt status of a religious organization can be removed for what is seen as substantial lobbying for legislation or a slate of candidates in a political contest. Advocating social issues is not seen as lobbying, but endorsement of specific legislation and advocating parishioners to contact their representatives about specific issues could threaten the tax-exempt status of a church.
— Eric McGinnis
Thanks to an inventive superintendent, current and future dollars saved by the need for less printing, less paper supplies, less ink and yes, less text books, covered the entire $12 million dollar funding of the Apple contract. … I would add that the funding stream from which this money came has limitations on where and how it can be used. … I urge you and others to give this program a chance to succeed….ß
— Chuck Hughes

This county has enough problems as it is, we do not need someone trying to create more just to have their time in the spotlight! Salisbury PD has been nothing but helpful to us in planning our rally this year.
— Elizabeth Bailey

Salisbury Police have been professional with me. How about if we get them body cameras? That would be a way for both them to prove their merit and to satisfy any naysayers.
— Ed Clark

One cannot help but wonder how many instances of false accusations there may have been which were never cleared up. Conversely, these events may cast doubts on the veracity of legitimate complaints of abuse. What a tangled web… If the truth is not on your side, perhaps you should consider changing sides.
— Bruce LaRue

Tell it, Ms. Barkemeyer! It’s a shame that our state’s elected officials have so little interest in what professional educators have to say that they would walk out for any reason. But it figures.
— William Bucher

Film incentives create jobs. They also help create the opportunity for a large influx of cash to flow into the state. Isn’t that what we need? Hasn’t this already been proven?
— Emmy Young

“Politically, this isn’t an easy decision for the first-term governor.” That’s the problem. Politics before people.
— Sheila Schmidt

It must be excellent construction since this two-lane bridge took about eight months to complete.
— Mary Frances Edens

While the West Innes cul-de-sac has been nice for those of us biking on 601 near the Crescent and Sells Road, I guess it’s time to share the road. … They made a nice effort to capture the “architectural character” of the old bridge.
— Sam Lebowitz


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