Quotes of the week

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 29, 2014

“Whether it shows it or not, my wife and I felt he was very aggressive. …I’m not against the police department. I just wanted to bring attention to a problem.”
Bill Godair, Cornerstone pastor,
on police video of his traffic stop

“Every American thinks of George Washington as the perfect president. Bachman Brown was the perfect first mayor of Kannapolis.”
— Tom Dayvault, former head of Kannapolis Chamber of Commerce,
upon the death of Bachman Brown
“What this does is put to rest all the conversations that removing it was temporary.”
— Craig Pierce, vice chair, Rowan commissioners,
on allowing public to destroy animal shelter’s old gas chamber

“Darrell on the field could be fired up, but he always had the ability to hug you up, love you up and build you up.”
— Scott Young. football coach, West Rowan High School,
on the death of Darrell Misenheimer, who helped coach the Falcons through three consecutive state championships
“I believe that being a principal is the third most important job — right after that of parents and teachers.”
— Nancy Barkemeyer, principal, West Rowan Middle School,
2014-15 Principal of the Year for Rowan-Salisbury Schools