Talk back: What readers say about …

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 15, 2014

Build a new Knox Middle school on the property of the mall.
— Mark Lyerly

This is likely the best plan, now that we own the spot. With good road access on two sides, a new middle school there would be easily accessible for parents and teachers.
— Roy Bentley
The problem I have with these liberal “educated elistist” college professors … is that they claim we’re simply “lucky” to be living in America; while other countries’ citizens are simply “unlucky” because their citizens choose security blankets over liberty.
— Steve Pender

Let’s regard failure as an opportunity to learn how to be successful by not allowing ego and the views of others to discourage and interfere with advancement.
— Reginald Brown
The new youth, the younger children is where it needs to begin, and I don’t mean tell them no don’t do that. Show them consequences of their actions and punishments, make them learn to accept responsibility , and pay for their mistakes.…
Over the door of my office I kept a sign that said this, and I carried that sign around three states as my work demanded, “PRIDE, IT’S FREE, HAVE SOME,”
— Ken Beck