Letters to the editor — Wednesday (8-6-14)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Let your voice be heard
I’ve read a lot of letters and heard a lot of talk about the way the president is doing his job. The same can be said about the commissioners and the city council.
But I have to ask, what are you doing to change things? Have you let your politicians know how you feel? How many letters have you written or how many times have you attended a town meeting? Or have you just been sitting in front of the TV complaining to your neighbor?
Some of you have written that America is not the America they knew when they were growing up. Well, there will never be that America again. Why? Because, as Americans, we have become weak and greedy. Because we have become lapdogs instead of wolves. So don’t just gossip and complain; let your voices be heard. Get involved.
— Richard Morgan