Letters to the editor — Friday (8-1-14)

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 1, 2014

We’re missing the tax-free weekend
The GOP Legislature in its 2013 budget did away with the tax-free weekend in North Carolina. We were late to grant the tax-free weekend behind South Carolina.
South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia still have theirs, while in North Carolina the legislature chose to give a big tax break to high-income individuals and take away this tax-free advantage for low- and middle-income families as they prepare to send their children back to school. This is just one way they added taxes for the bottom to pay more while giving the wealthy a tax cut.
We are preparing to send our children back to school, and this weekend would be the tax-free weekend. Too bad the GOP decided the tax-free weekend would no longer be available in North Carolina.
— Pat Bullard
China Grove
That’s cute
Recently I read something very funny. It was in the Letters to the Editor. Steve Pender enlightened us with the fact that the Nazi movement (and by inference all white supremists) are in fact liberals. And that the “liberals” are the ones who are pushing ignorance of science and history in this country. He must believe that only conservatives like him know everything — things like coal ash is safe to drink, and gas and diesel fuel do not pollute our environment.
On another subject, as details of the Salisbury city manager’s severance package come to light, people from the Tea Party make noise as if this was the worst attempt to screw the taxpayers of Salisbury or Rowan County. Doug Paris made a business deal. It was insignificant compared to the $3.45 million deal conducted by the Tea Party-led Rowan Board of Commissioners last December. So why do they raise all this about a sum of $280,000?
— Julian A Torrey
Keep writing
I have read David Post’s eloquently written columns concerning Doug Paris and the City Council. Salisburians, please remember, it is your tax dollars and you have the right to know what happened.
If the truth doesn’t come out, there is always November 2015. Thanks, David. Keep writing.
— Dianne McNeely