Letters to the editor — Monday (7-28-14)

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 28, 2014

Arc summer program brings families joy
My son has been attending the Arc of Rowan County summer program for the past three years. He is 8 years old, has autism and sensory processing disorder. I was looking for a place where he would be safe and have fun; it was quite a challenge until I found this program.
As the school year winds down, I tell Matthew he will be going to camp soon. His immediate response is, “I see Sandra” — specifically, Sandra Jackson, the camp director.
This program is designed to accommodate each and every child in an individual way, for our children are like snowflakes — there are no two alike. The teachers are kind-hearted, loving, understanding and most importantly patient. Each classroom is set up for a structured day, yet summer is always a time for fun.
Every week, the teachers have a theme within each classroom, where the children create projects on that particular theme. The camp attends field trips where our children open their minds to new adventures, all while learning at the same time.
Parents of special needs children know that to have such a place to bring our children is so vital to the understanding of what we go through on a day-to-day basis.
On a personal note, when I leave Matthew there, I can breathe knowing he is most importantly safe, well taken care of, having fun and loved. This summer program has flourished over the past few years while we have attended and I know will continue to grow. So I invite you to sign your child/children up for next summer’s program and experience the joy I have.
— Stacey Samoei

Thank you, LGC
I want to personally thank the Local Government Commission (LGC) for preserving democracy in Rowan County. Jim Sides was voted out of office by county citizens largely because of actions taken by the commission to buy the mall. Commissioner Chad Mitchell had a hard time mounting a campaign against Harry Warren because of his vote in favor of the mall fiasco.
The N.C. General Assembly established the LGC in 1931 to help address problems in local government finance caused by the Great Depression. The economy has been depressed in Rowan County for years. Taxes may not have been raised — what great political stalwarts! But what the county did behind citizens’ backs was drain the fund balance dry.
The fact that the Rowan County Commission would pass a resolution against the LGC is a face-saving act of defiance from a group that has been thoroughly beaten. It is time for the lame-duck commission to admit they should have listened to Commissioner Jon Barber. It would have saved this county millions of your tax dollars and a lot of statewide embarrassment.
— Candis Burgess

Kannapolis spending
Just received my current tax bill for property in the city of Kannapolis and I would like to say what a pleasure it is to pay $1,500 for a two bedroom mill house in a town where my taxes are so well spent.
I agree that the new city hall is needed so we do not have to keep renting from Mr. Murdock, but $5.5 million for office furniture and fixtures? Everyone should have a $10,000 desk.
The bridge on Eighth Street has been out for years, but we do have a tunnel to nowhere.
Now City Manager Mike Legg thinks we should borrow $25 million more to build a new ball park so people will come uptown. For what? If he and city council think this is such a great idea, why don’t they build it with their money? The park on Moose Road is a great facility with very low attendance.
I really feel for the mill worker who retired and now has to struggle to survive here. On top of the taxes they can barely afford the water bill also filled with more taxes. Glad to live in “God’s Country,” Enochville.
— Richard McGuire

Antenna TV update
The writer is following up on an earlier letter, “Bring back beloved old TV shows,” July 15.
I just got an update from Antenna TV. They informed me that it is once again being broadcast in the Charlotte area, but only over the air and you must have an antenna to pick it up.
After my last letter I had people tell me I could pick it up by purchasing some box to add to my TV, which is not what I want to do. There are enough things attached to my TV now; I do not need added boxes or antennas when I pay plenty for just the cable alone.
I urge all of you that miss this great channel to go to the Time Warner site and you will find where you can do a formal request for channels. Please help bring back a fantastic family comedy station that the whole family can enjoy.
— Chuck Fiello Sr.
China Grove
Jersey City Day success
This year’s Jersey City Reunion was a success. It was dedicated to David Campbell and his family for all his years of hard work and dedication. Mark Rustin did the opening prayer.
Special thanks to the city of Salisbury, the Parks and Recreation Department, Salisbury Fire Department, St. John’s Lutheran Church (Donald Grant and church members), Tommy Hairston Funeral Services, Domino’s Pizza, Cheerwine Bottling, Flowers Bakery and Enterprise.
The parade was also done in honor of Mr. Campbell. Marvin Shaw worked very hard putting the car show and parade together. The grand marshal was William Moore.
Special thanks to Charles (Peanut) Barber for T-shirts for the event, and Timothy Witcher for photos.
The event has been going on for 10 years. Mr. Campbell’s first vision about bringing the community together was in 1999, and he did it.
Special thanks to Vette Corvette Set and The Old Chevy Club for the car show and parade. Also, thanks go to Sandra Campbell Sims, the Eloquanze family, Terry Love, William Peoples, Bobbie Torian, Maxwell and the Houston family (Rosa and Naomi for solos).
Thanks to all the food preparers, Leon Gaither, Dwayne Cherry and Dennis Sturdivant. St. Luke’s Dance Team also performed, thanks to Delaine Wood.
Most of all, thanks to emcee Robert Cooper and DJ Krystal Connor, who brought the Salisbury Kings AAU Team for basketball activities all day.
Mr. Campbell will be missed very much for all his hard work. I am honored to have worked with such a dedicated person to bring vision to our community. It’s time to live and help each other; we don’t know what tomorrow may bring.
— Sherry Hawthorne

Rowan Chamber is in
Thank you for the excellent editorial in the Salisbury Post on Sunday (“We have a lot in common”).
The Rowan Chamber of Commerce did have volunteers at The Chamber’s Community Forum meeting last week. Unfortunately, I  had to attend a transportation meeting in Kannapolis.
We are very concerned about the crime problems in our community. Education is the Rowan Chamber’s No. 1 priority. We are working with our other community partners on a Literacy Summit to be held on Sept. 26 at Hood Theological Seminary’s new Dr. Albert Aymer Hall. Dr. Lynn Moody has focused RSSS’s strategic plan on literacy and we are all going to support this effort.
We’ll have more details as we get closer to the date. Thanks again for your well-written editorials. We look forward to working with you on these major community initiatives.
— Elaine Spalding
Spalding is president of the Rowan County Chamber of Commerce.