Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Real estate transfers filed in the office of Register of Deeds Harry L. Welch Jr. with sale price indicated by revenue stamps. Deeds with no stamps are not listed.
Atwell Township
Amanda Jo. Hickman to Cynthia Reams and husband, $85,000
John Manuel Stirewalt and wife to Jeffrey Perry Sr. and wife, $38,500
Gary W. Munkirs to Enza Gerrmano, $71,500
Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to U.S. Bank N.A. as trustee, $332,000
China Grove Township
Craft Development LLC to True Homes LLC, $50,000
Atlantic American Properties Inc. to First Freewill Baptist of China Grove Inc., $35,000
Julie H. Hines and husband to Michael A. Costantino and wife, $140,000
Kenneth Price Jr. and wife and others to Cloise Washington, $40,000
Sharon Griffin to Jesus Omar Betancourt and wife, $67,500
Teresa McCall Aistrop to Daryl Aistrop, $108,000
Brown David Overcash Jr. and wife to Wiggins Real Estate LLC, $340,000
China Grove 152 LLC to Shea Investment Fund I LLC, $28,000
True Homes LLC to Bobby Le Trimnal Jr. and spouse, $166,000
Stephen R. Sneed and wife and Karen Robinson to Lauren E. Sneed, $52,000
Gail G. Scercy to Jonathan Papageorgiou and wife, $13,000
Angelo Santomauro and wife to Alexandra Richard and spouse, $41,000
William B. Cavin to Rabon Properties LLC, $36,500
Michael White and wife to Lester Caudill and wife, $251,000
Park Sterling Bank to Eugene Barnett and wife, $78,000
Victoria Hutcheson and husband to Patrick Doiel, $27,000
Sharon Broome and husband and others to Robert Barringer, $43,500
Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO to David Horton, $99,000
David P. Cratsley and wife to Kevin S. Blackburn and wife, $95,000
Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Powell Properties of NC LLC, $17,500
BMS Investment Properties LLC to Tye O. Ragle and Dainika L. Ragle, $348,000
Shea Real Estate Investments LLC to Jonathan H. Smith and Amber K. Smith, $345,000
Banco Popular, North America to Sondra and George Register, $36,000
VantageSouth Bank to Matthew G. Roach and Ashley C. Roach, $20,000
Shea Castlebrooke LLC to Shea Real Estate Investments LLC, $40,000
Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., $38,000
Reece E. Wise III to Trent Cherry Interests LLC, $33,500
Reece E. Wise III to Trent Cherry Interests LLC, $33,500
Reece E. Wise III to Trent Cherry Interests LLC, $22,500
Cleveland Township
George Martin Hunter and wife to Alice Underwood, $5,000
Franklin Township
Robert F. Busby and wife to Michele Johnson, $213,500
Janie Roberts Rollins and husband to Sarah R. Lozano and husband, $137,500
Ramanand Tiwatri and wife to Edgar L. Davis and wife, $160,000
Jacob N. Kepley to Jonathan D. Payette, $9,000
Arthur Rabon and wife and others to Joyce Azalee Arrington, $72,000
Bank of North Carolina to Matthew Allen Deboer and wife, $17,000
Charles R. Andersen and wife to Charles R. Andersen and wife and others, $1,500
Matthew L. Mullen to Amber M. Himes, $48,000
Autumn Smith to Kenneth Koontz and wife, $75,000
Olin Lyons and wife to Antwaun Thompson and wife, $140,000
Judy Hoffman Shoemaker to Joseph Bryan Shumway and wife, $10,000
William H. Lowe and wife to Clifford D. Daines and wife, $269,000
Gold Hill Township
Cheryl Lynne Montgomery to Candice Weathers, $105,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. to Greeneā€™s Mobile Home Land Sales Inc., $20,000
Edith R. Ketner to Edith R. Ketner and others, $5,000
Sharon D. Wyrick to Jeffery T. Overcash and wife, $45,000
Luke Foster Allman and wife to Roby I. Linebarger, $145,000
Michael R. Williams and wife to Ray E. Hardy and wife, $315,000
Farmers & Merchants Bank to FD08-Granite Quarry LLC, $199,500
Jeremy Pattison and wife to Alan Boerckel and wife, $220,000
David Perkins to Nanette Pierce, $158,000
Byron K. Sherman and wife to Robert C. Hastings and wife, $207,000
Terry W. Medley to Kimberly Trawick, $129,000
George Lee Kluttz, Jr and wife and others to Kevin E. Hedspeth, $32,000
Litaker Township
F&L Holding LLC and B. Joel Moon and wife to Paul Hodges, $142,000
Edith R. Ketner to Edith R. Ketner and others, $5,000
Farmers & Merchants Bank of Granite Quarry to Todd Thomas General Contractor LLC, $13,000
Carolina Custom Homes of Salisbury to Michael J. Parks and wife, $194,000
Thomas L. Story to Karen Fin and husband and others, $28,000
Farmers & Merchants Bank of Granite Quarry to Benjamin Morris and Shannon Harn, $161,500
Kevin A. Lentz and wife to Linda M. Wike and husband, $185,000
Cary P. Rumsey to Jean Speight Poplin, $142,500
Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee and Wells Fargo Bank N.A., $155,000
Robert Lutkiewicz to Joseph Fiorelli and wife, $19,000
Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A., $61,000
Locke Township
Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Green Tree Servicing LLC, $87,500
John T. Hudson as administrator of estate to Joseph A. Bailey and wife, $85,000
Jeremy Youker and wife to Jessica Jordan, Nancy Brewer and Chad Bowley, $122,000
Plantation Ridge to Dennis M. Butler and Emily K. Gobble, $189,000
Rogers & Townsend & Thomas, PC, as substitute trustee to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as trustee, $74,500
Mark. A. Bowser to Katherin Dennard and Michael Gonzalez, $72,000
Rogers Townsend & Thomas, PC as substitute trustee to The Bank of New York Mellon, $51,000
Gary L. Feller and Kathy B. Crawford to Frankie Dotson, $197,000
Morgan Township
Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to William Eric Jordan, $130,000
Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, $97,000
Providence Township
Thomas Harold Shea and wife to Stephen A. Wood and wife, $60,000
Sharp Real Estate One LLC to Rogelio Mendoza and wife, $21,000
Donald W. Pittman and wife to Melissa Menius Jones, $97,000
Leanne Rosa Thomas to Tammy H. Merritt, $39,500
D. Keith Yount and wife to Ralph Heckman and Mary Rucky, $270,000
James A. Jackson and wife to Ricky Johnson and wife, $104,000
Salisbury Township
James W. Emerson and wife to Johnny R. Worth Sr. and wife, $66,000
Frances W. Mabry to Diana Moghrabi, $120,000
Renee Cauble and David T. Cauble and wife to Garth Birdsey, $40,000
Christina Hall to Charles A. Liberty, $187,500
Barry M. McCall and wife to Timothy Fonville, $166,000
Jay Baxter Caldwell Jr. and wife to Andrea B. Davis, $307,000
Carlos H. Parra and wife to Hagar Andrews LLC, $400,000
James S. Land and wife to James Spainhour, $20,000
L. Ragan Dudley as substitute trustee to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., $253,000
Shawn D Bassett and Maria E. Bassett and husband to Christian Jose Ruiz Ayessta, $120,000
Walter R. Reddick III and wife to David Hill and wife, $192,000
Rogers Townsend & Thomas PC as substitute trustee to Urban Financial of America LLC, $45,000
Dorothy H. Starnes to Robert W. Aubrey, $25,000
A&H Investments Inc. to John M. Henderlite Jr. and wife, $173,500
LWNC LLC to Leo Wallace, III and wife, $834,000
William Richard Boyd Jr. as substitute trustee to Violet Overcash Road Holdings LLC, $61,000
Farmers & Merchants Bank of Granite Quarry to Jarrell Development Company LLC, $135,000
Fulman Company LLC to Vernie Clement Jr. , $36,000
Sylvia Brady to Judy Pittman and husband, $56,000
Farmers & Merchants Bank to Karen Yadira Garcia Godov, $105,000
Charles T. Shry Jr. to Shane M. Ussery and wife, $15,000
Mt. Ulla Township
Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to CitiMortgage Inc., $17,000
Paul Teeter and wife and Lynn S. Justin to John Sherrill, III and wife, $30,000
American Land Corporation-Charlotte Inc. to Linda L. Champ and husband, $36,000
William S. Hall Sr. to Merrin Lowe, $210,000
Unity Township
Joshua Lee Melchor and wife to Jason Grubb and Caitlin Moore, $109,000
Steele Township
Donald E. Downing Jr. and wife to Jon Olson and wife, $346,000
Scotch-Irish Township
Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to SunTrust Mortgage Inc., $97,500