Letters to the editor — Saturday (7-12-14)

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 12, 2014

Our illustrious President Obama seems to be at it again. As if it’s not bad enough that he has failed to find answers to innocent Americans dying in scandals like fast and furious and Benghazi; has watched silently as the IRS punished political enemies after promising to “get to the bottom of it,” is doing nothing to slow the destruction of the Middle East, and has a non-existing energy and job policy — all the while conducting his own private war against the First, Second, Fourth and Fifth amendments to our constitution. By the way, the guy’s batting average with the Supreme Court has dropped off the charts.
Thirteen times the court has destroyed Obama’s constitutional “expertise” nine to zip. This includes his own two appointed justices — although a myopic bat could have seen the 5-4 ruling coming with Hobby Lobby. Based on op-eds and tasteless cartoons in recent Post editions, that decision seems to have annoyed some editors.
Now, tens of thousands of illegal aliens (AKA criminals) are pouring across our southern border, courtesy of an absent president not giving a flip. But cheer up, Obama has a solution. Perhaps call Mexico and their southern neighbors, and threaten them with sanctions, or moratoriums on tourism — maybe secure the border with the Guard?
Bite your tongue; he has a much better idea. He’s asking Congress for $3.7 billion (billion!) to feed, house, medically treat — including discovered cases of TB and Heaven only knows — and ship them to U.S. communities.
Kay Hagan has voted with Obama over 96 percent of the time. How about this time?
This is my “opinion” on the “Opinion Page.” Unlike my last letter — I hope you get to read it as written.
— Randy Biggerstaff
I didn’t see any article in your fine paper about this. I believe it is noteworthy because it is an attack on some of our freedoms. Three years ago the FBI labeled the fans of the Insane Clown Posse as being members of a gang, and the FBI can use gang injunctions against the fans. This injunction prohibits association with one another, wearing certain clothes, making certain hand gestures, acting as lookouts, fighting, drinking and using drugs.
These fans, whom the FBI calls gang members, call themselves Juggalos and are devoted to ICP’s music. They dress up as ICP and attend gatherings and concerts. But unlike a gang, there are no leaders, no rules, no initiation, no rivals, no turfs, none of that. They’re just people who are incredibly devoted fans of the music.
The Insane Clown Party took the FBI to court and a federal judge dismissed their case this week. In other words, the FBI can label anybody as a gang member. Let me ask you one thing here, were you or are you a member of the Kiss Army, or one of Slipknot Maggots? If so, this could happen to you. Or anybody actually, from NASCAR fans to church congregations. This is a slippery slope to losing our freedoms of expression and to congregate.
— Richard Morgan