Letters to the editor — Wednesday (7-9-14)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Caution lights dangerous at busiest intersections
My husband and I have witnessed two accidents in the last two weeks that can be attributed to blinking caution lights on Jake Alexander Boulevard and Mooresville Road (N.C. 150). We also saw two “almost” accidents at Jake Alexander Boulevard and Lincolnton Road.
Each of them were due to people trying to “make the caution light before it turns red.” Little do they realize until they have committed to a turn that the oncoming traffic has already gotten the green light.
A motorcyclist was almost hit by a truck and another motorist completely blocked the intersection.
There are places in town at less busy intersections that benefit from the blinking caution lights. Until drivers realize that blinking yellow doesn’t mean accelerate, Jake Alexander Boulevard should have only red or green lights.
— Kathy Petrucelli

Not a kid friendly place
I took my 21-month-old grandson to a local restaurant. I had got up to get a dessert and my grandson followed me with one of the fortune cookies that they pass out at the end of the meal. He bit into the fortune cookie and it broke apart. As I was coming back to the table I saw it and took a baby wipe and picked up the broken cookie from the floor.
An employee commenced to making a huge issue, pointing to my grandson and a quarter-size piece of cookie that I had apparently not picked up. This apparently upset him beyond measure. I realize that my grandson can and does make messes and I travel with wet wipes and try to clean up after him but this man’s actions were uncalled for.
— Sandi Hache

Truth should be told
I do not live in the rich city of Salisbury. The taxpayers’ money paid to Mr. Paris and Ms. Hasselmann is unreal. I did not think he was the man for the job when he was hired. He should have been put on a trial basis instead of a high-dollar contract. The truth should be told as to why Salisbury wanted to get rid of him.
If he only had a few months left on his contract, would it not have been better to let it expire and save all this money? Maybe he would have left on his own if there were problems. Why was no one paying attention? Is there no common sense left?
You say Ms. Hasselmann did not have a contract, so why authorize a severance package? All this sounds fishy to me. Oh, well. Just raise taxes and give money away. Easy come, easy go. Local people should be hired.
My first salary was $.75 per hour and I was happy to get it. Jobs were hard to find. I started working for an attorney and had to learn everything. I thought, why should I be paid when I don’t have experience? Did Mr. Paris have experience?
— Linda Connelly
China Grove

Spending is selective
I recently sat in on a city council meeting and heard former City Manager Doug Paris explain how the city did not have money for more lights in the West End area or sidewalks below Old Wilkesboro Road, or money for the Dixonville Cemetery. Maybe that money came from a different budget pool not titled “severance pay money.”
— Abe Daniels

Was it celebration or rally?
After attending the Fourth of July celebration in Faith last Thursday to hear the band Too Much Sylvia, I came away confused. Was I attending a Fourth of July celebration or a campaign rally supporting Jeff Barger for clerk of court?
— Linne Wallace

Wear shirts, please
About the picture of the three men running (June 21, “Seeing Double? Or triple?”). Please do the public a favor and put on a T-shirt.
­ Ruth Small