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Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 6, 2014

At the Kneeling Gardeners June meeting, Brenda Trott gave the welcome, chaplain Janelle Murray led devotions and the guest speaker, beekeeper Gray Fisher, was introduced by Judy Coggins.
Mr. Fisher keeps 80 hives with the objective of teaching people to appreciate bees. He spoke on how bees are essential to civilization — much of our food supply is dependent on the work of the honey bee. Commercial bee keepers use semi-trucks to move bees from coast to coast to pollinate fruits, vegetables, trees and flowers.
The bee population is in serious danger from many sources, he said, including the use of pesticides by home gardeners. He encouraged listeners to read labels on products and to choose those not harmful to bees.
In our area, the bee population is kept stable by back yard bee keepers. North Carolina has more bee keepers than any other state.
Following the presentation, thanks were given to members who assisted with the beautification of the flower beds at Trinity: Janet Smith, Brenda Trott, Frank Winfree, Lou Cable, Sarannet Shelton, Chris Wielandt, Judy and Lonnie Coggins, Shirley and Earl Gray, Carlotta Powell, Cathy Cornell and Faye Owens.
Refreshments were furnished by Carol Whitley, Kay Smith, Janelle Murray, Joyce Beatty, Arlene Clark and Jan Query, all dressed as “bees” in black and yellow.