Kannapolis fire service looking for pieces of history

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 5, 2014

KANNAPOLIS – The year 2016 will mark 100 years of fire service in Kannapolis. Kannapolis Fire Department’s Pride & Traditions Committee is making plans to celebrate the milestone with several fire department events including a fire truck parade and the annual open house. 
Do you have photos or other mementos from the Kannapolis Fire Department that you could lend us for this special occasion?
As the Pride & Traditions Committee works to gather historical information about Kannapolis’ fire service history, many interesting documents and photos are being collected. Historian Sean Dunham has identified three photographs from the 1930s of Kannapolis’ hose reel teams. Two of the three photos are copies of the original photos making member identification difficult. Several team members have been identified, but many remain nameless. 
Could you identify anyone in this photo? Do you know someone who participated in Hose Reel Team events in years past? Do you have family photos that contain images of these past hose reel competitions? If so, your input would be greatly appreciated.
In addition to identifying members of the Hose Reel Team(s), The Pride & Traditions Committee would also like to hear from former members of Winecoff and Royal Oaks Volunteer Fire Departments, the Kannapolis Sanitary District, and Cannon Mills Fire Brigade. Any information that you would be willing to share about your time in the fire service would be appreciated. 
If you are a former Kannapolis-area firefighter or family member, please consider loaning photos (to copy), memorabilia, keepsakes, etc. to the department. To share your information about the history of the fire service in Kannapolis, please call 704-920-4261 or visit Kannapolis Fire Department Station 1 located at 300 Firehouse Drive.